29 December, 2013

More Shopping - Bags

The 4 fold up bags were a hit for the recipients over Christmas.  They seemed quite excited over something so ordinary!  So that was good of course!  Plus I had matched the fabric up to the people really, you know, what suited each person & I think I did a good job of picking that too.  

I had cut out a couple of others on Monday but hadn't stressed about getting them sewn up yet.  My sister & her partner were both impressed with them so I said I would finish off the others for them.  So Boxing Day I sewed.  Not a big job at least.  They really are quick to sew.  I haven't been able to time it as I get constantly interrupted so if I ever got a chance to just sew one from start to finish I think maybe about 45 minutes tops!  So anyway, Judy & Jana were able to go home with their Mandy made fold away shopping bags.  Phew...  & that's another thing off my sewing table.  I really didn't want to leave them sitting there partly done.  Oh & bonus again - more fabric stashed used!  Yay!  I am thinking I still have a particular fabric I love in one of my boxes that I need to dig out to make one of these bags for me.  I have used some of it, but think there might be some left...  fingers crossed.  

I really need to sort the stuff sitting in the way before I do much else.  Might make that today's project.  


Sally said...

Stash busting is my mission for 2014. Now that I don't have a sewing room our bedroom is overflowing with cuttler... I have to knit & crochet my way through stashed up yarns and sew sew sew baby through loads of fabric. I think I'm going to have fun!!!

Bron said...

I bet they are real conversation pieces at the checkout....yay for stash busting xxxx