14 December, 2013

Some New Elves

I found this cute idea on pinterest!  You know how it is.  See something & have to make it now!  Well actually I did see if the other week but had to get some darker green felt first!  

This page has the template for you to print to make your own little elf ornaments.  It didn't take long.  I sewed the circles on the machine & glued the rest on.  I just have to get some proper photos printed as these are just computer printed pictures & will not last I don't expect.  

But wait...  another bead ornament.  Yes it's not the prettiest of them either.   It is one of the original series of Christmas ornaments going by it's code number.  So they were quite simplistic really back then in 1990.  

This ornament however comes with a little story.  I had done from the bottom up.  Was a couple of rows into the face.  DJ found it.  He wanted to experiment with the snippers.  It was chopped up.  As was most of the sheet of perforated paper that it was stitched on.  OK.  I stayed calm.  Not the end of the world.  I trimmed off the ruined part.  Threw it in the rubbish.  BJ then had a melt down.  HUH???  He blubbered something about loving all the things I make & that I shouldn't throw it in the rubbish.  Well it was wrecked I told him.  The beads were falling off, being that it was a bead only ornament.  No point trying to save it or the beads.  lol  I told him it was OK because I would start it over again.  Ahhh... peace at last.  So I finished it last night.  Showed him this morning.  I said it's not a very nice one like some of the others & he informed me that it was still very pretty & he loved it.  Awwww...  nice...  

My prickly conifer outside it actually being useful as my hanging tree for pictures!  


Bron said...

Those elves are so cute...and sounds like you have very sensitive elf and a cheeky one that lives with you. xxx

Sally said...

Love those elves!