15 December, 2013

TV Shows

A new show is coming to us down here I believe!  It's called Chicago Fire.  I have seen it advertised on our local station so maybe next year.  But if you are like me & you cheat & watch stuff online then you may have seen it already too!  If you are in North America you are probably waiting to see the rest of the second series.

Anyway, what ever the case is, if you haven't seen it you should watch it when you can.  It's good.  I have really enjoyed it & am almost up to date with what is online, darn that!  lol  But it's good.  No swearing or violence for one thing!  Just nice easy to watch drama.  There is even an Aussie actor in there!  Not that I ever saw what he was in before but he's actually pretty good in this.

Also in watching this I have found my ultimate TV moment.  Yep, that's saying something.  But definitely the end scene of season 1, episode 19.  Yes, I remember what, when, where as I watched it a couple of times. Just that bit.  It's the best piece ever in TV.  I put it on the other night when Stuart was watching.  I cried again! -  & he wasn't far off it!  It's quite something.  They did this bit so well & beautifully.

Another favourite is Hart of Dixie.  I am up to date with that one too.  I haven't seen it on TV here at all.  But I did find the first series on DVD at Kmart recently for a good price considering it's a 5 disc set for all 22 episodes.  So I have that in my hot little hands.  I actually loved that first series!  As cheesy as it is.  I think it just got more & more cheesy as time went on but still an enjoyable chick show!  lol

I also got into Homeland.  Bit slow I know, but it is nice to watch them all quickly in succession.  I enjoyed the first 2 series of that & the third is getting a bit weird on me, but I will still check it out to see what happens...

Have you got any other recommendations for good shows?  On the line of the first 2???  There is so much out there & mostly not worth my time.  I feel like I have watched a lot lately.  But it's my down time of a night for a quick break before bed!  Most episodes don't last more than 50 minutes usually so not even an hours rest!!!!  lol


Bron said...

Hey just wondering how you watch online....do you have recommendations for best method or way?

Sally said...

The shows we watch are usually full of swearing and bad behaviour... "The Wire" is still one of my favourite all time shows. Last night we watched Season 7 of "Weeds" - its a strange Christmas tradition that Dave and I have. On our list of things to watch is "Breaking Bad" and Season 6 or 7 (I can't remember) of "Mad Men".