04 December, 2013

Worn Out

Must be that time of year.  I'll make the most of the odd occasion when this happens though as it doesn't & won't for much longer... 

A new ornament for the last few evenings of craft time.  It's another Mill Hill one with beads.  He is surprisingly big!  Not the nicest design but he's done.  Some more stash used up too.  Yay for stash use!  But I will need more white beads from work to do one other Santa face that I have the chart for.  All good.  Then I can trade the patterns with a friend.  Yes, I have a like-minded ornament addict!  

Are you ready for Christmas?  I'm not.  Mostly I am.  The boys are sorted.  That's the main thing for me.  For the rest, whatever happens, happens. The grown ups can manage without if that is the case.  It's never happened yet though!  lol


Bron said...

That was so totally me this afternoon on the couch....two playgroup Christmas parties done one more tomorrow...that's where you will find me then also about 4pm. xxxx

Sally said...

That's so sweet... Yes not too many sleeps like that lie ahead.

Christmas is pretty much sorted in terms of bought stuff but not so much with the mama made things... Got M's birthday next week. Exhausted just thinking about it.