18 December, 2013

Love Letters

Last night when I went to bed I found 2 letters on my pillow.  Awww...  they were both folded the same.  Both had 2 hearts drawn on the front with those little corners folded in.  

This one is so adorable.  It has a big heart inside & BJ drew him & me.  I am holding a bucket of love.  Awwww...  that's a bit cute isn't it?  Makes me smile.  

OK, this is probably the last one of these for this Christmas.  13 isn't so bad!  That's more than one a month!  Nice to have a few done though & out of the box waiting to be done!  Now they just transfer to the box full of ornaments.  But that's all good.  They look pretty all together.  

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Bron said...

Such sweetness. xx