02 December, 2013

Our Family Elf

Yes, I caved in & our family now has it's own elf named Douglas.  Quite in interesting little character he is.  He showed up on the first in this mess of snow with his book & a letter for the boys.  

Last night he decided to play with the popcorn that was left over & hung it & himself up alongside my gingerbread men.  At least he didn't throw the popcorn around which is something I guess.  Not that I can't guarantee that won't happen tonight!  

I won't bore everyone with our elf's antics all month as I am sure you see plenty these days.  I might do a weekly post.  I'll see how we go.  Anyway, hope your own elves are enjoying their stay in their holiday homes!


Bron said...

Oh yay...what fun...ours arrived too. Do share each week it is fun to see how creative you get...your boys will love him. xx

Sally said...

What is elf on the shelf??? I see him everywhere? What's the go?

Anonymous said...

I bet the boys are thrilled to bits with the Elf. He looks so cute. Love to hear more.