11 December, 2013

Christmas Games

A few weeks ago I found this game to play.  Gingerbread men no less.  Perfect for Christmas time.  I printed it then & there & have saved it for a night when we had time to play, not knowing how long it may take.  Perfect for the grown up that loves to colour - ME.  Perfect for a 5 year old that is learning to colour, learning numbers & can by now read a dice quite well.  We play games regularly here so this was fun!  I lost.  Little guy won.  Big guy came second.  

Yes, one more Santa.  

Have you got any more ideas for some games with a Christmas feel to them?  

1 comment:

Bron said...

Hey that is a fun game...i think even my little guy would like this one....and yes I like to colour too. thanks for sharing xxx