16 August, 2012

Spring Is On The Way

With the changing weather, comes more time outside.   When I ask BJ what he wants to do he says, "Get mucky & have a picnic!"  But let it be said, you can't have lunch outside if he isn't mucky yet!  Nope, not going to happen apparently. He has definite ideas on how things should be done.  He obviously had a great time another day playing at getting mucky & then ending with a picnic.  So that is the ritual that he loves & wants to replicate each time.  I guess it is things like this that he will remember for fun times at home when he is grown up!  I hope so!  

We spent much of the time running around the yard being fire-people.  I was "fire-lady" for most of the afternoon, & having to follow behind in the firetruck.  Fortunately I didn't have to climb the apple tree to help put the fires out.  

DJ spent the time crawling about in his pajamas.  Yes, his pajamas.  I figured they were dirty anyway, it was going to be just the same to soak & wash them as a clean set of clothes!  He had a great time exploring, discovering new things like snapping sticks!  

The picnic consists of simple things usually like an apple in pieces with a treat to follow like BJ's favourite thing, Turkish Delight & a milkshake.  He really is one for following routine as he told me he had to have apple & "those chocolate things", though for the life of me I can't remember which chocolate things he was referring too!  

DJ had a great time playing in some mud & getting mucky!  He was more mucky than the big boy!  I think that is going to become pretty normal around here.  The wee one is Trouble!  Yep, big trouble.  He is also going to have his haircut shortly so he won't look quite so shaggy as this next time!  lol  

Happy Days!  

08 August, 2012

My Boys

We've had a bit of a chance for some outside play in between rain & cold!  I'm happy to send them out for a run or crawl around.  The wee one is the first into anything possible though.  Boy he is trouble!  lol

My latest square for the CAL is also done.  It's called Lacy Sun.  There are a couple that are finished in the CAL & you would not know that they are the same pattern.  I think this one is the most different looking yet between colour changes & stuff.  It was a nice easy one to do & really quite effective so that was a good choice!   Looking forward to the next one!

01 August, 2012

August Arrived

August!  Can you believe it!  I'd better start thinking about Christmas shopping!  Really, seriously, I should!  Actually I have...  I just remembered..  I did a pre-order for some things the other day.  Yay!  It will be here before I know it.  Also before I am ready for it!  

August brings with it new things today.  Pre-Kinder!  Uh Oh...  school!  Already!  BJ starts pre-kinder today.  I'm scared!  He's too little to go to school next year!  Isn't he?  I'm sure he'll be ready for it although scared of big & new things, just like his mum always was.  He doesn't like change.  AT ALL!  That's tough for a kid going to a big school I'm sure.  Apparently a public school is quite something to present changes often too.  I wouldn't know that as I didn't go to one.  But I'm sure he'll be all the better for it!  

After all that though I have still been playing along with my rainbow squares.  Turns out I am a bit behind in posts again.  I have a few.  Our CAL is still going along nicely.  Actually I'm being pattern picker for that now & posting the new pattern each fortnight!  Me!  Imagine that!  The first three are ones I have done on the weekend just because I wanted too.  When I am in the mood it is good to get an extra one or two or three done!  lol  Plus I also got rid of a couple out of my queue!  Yay!

The last 2 are the most recent from the CAL.  The Granny Bobble was the last square that one of the group had picked.  So then we had to refigure how the CAL was going to go.  The current Mod was extra busy so couldn't continue.  So I was going to try!  I changed the selection process for squares since there wasn't anyone else to offer favourites up.  The great thing about Ravelry is the queue or favourites lists of everyone. So out comes my Excel spread sheet (which I can actually use easily now!  Woohoo!  But that's another story!).  Where was I?  Oh yeah, excel...  I hunted down all the other participants in the CAL & listed the favourites.  So I found an interesting selection that are going to be fun squares to do in the future.  The first one was On The Huh which came up as the second favourite across the lists.  The great thing about the CAL is that you get an idea on different ones that you would never do as was the case with one, the Queen of the Squares.  She's done some amazing squares but only did this square based on how mine came out.  Her's came out awesome as we expected from the Queen of Squares!  lol  

I may be able to do some of this bloggy stuff a little more now simply based on the fact that I am using a different computer!  Woohoo!  Honestly, blogging (& plenty of other things) had become a hard task on our dino-puter...  But someone updated theirs so we got their old one!  They thought theirs was bad.  They have no idea how good it is!  bwahahaha...  Compared to our old thing this is heaven!  So maybe I can resume some usual stuff without too much trouble!  I hate to think how long it would have taken me to get these 5 pics on here at once with that thing!

Anyway, enjoy your midweek, your new month & the last month of Winter!  Bring on the end of Winter I say!  Seeya!