12 July, 2012

Crochet Catch Up

I said the other day I had neglected to post a bunch of squares.  I really wasn't fussed about anything last month obviously as I had to go back & see which was the last one I did post & I have a few as I just discovered...  So more on the CAL  that I am currently keeping up with.  I do have the latest square to go still so I'll see if I get that done on the weekend.  So here we have the following from Ravelry...

Yarn Clouds - I loved doing this one!  

Crocodile Stitch Dahlia - this was a bit scary to look at but easy peasy to do!  Loved it!  

Drop In The Bucket - another nice design that lent itself beautifully to my rainbow.

Amber Waves - this was actually our first square but my original was only 7" so I had to do another to make it up to the 9" that I have.  To look at both you wouldn't know it was the same square!  I like the extra edge I made on here but I can't remember how I did it now to even tell you!  Oops.  

So there you have that update.  I still have some other knitting to show you but won't add it here as this is enough pictures for one post!  I have found something else to knit this week as we have out get together with the local group from Ravelry on Saturday so I had to find something.  Looking forward to it!  Have a good one!  

08 July, 2012

Puppy Party

Well it seems like I have had an unexpected blog break. Much needed though I think but boring too!  There hasn't been much to blog lately.  Things have been busy & I expect it will only get busier as the routines of the weeks change again in the coming week.  The new term of activities started which means swimming with both boys now, plus a bit of extra work for me at the moment, but that all changes again in just weeks.  You just start to adjust & it changes again!  Woo boy!  So much going on!  I don't know how people manage with more kids than this!  

We did celebrate the wee ones first birthday this past week though.  Actually we celebrated 2 days early as his birthday landed on a work & day care day & since he doesn't have a clue we had a mini party for him.  Party consisted of cake & that's all.  Visitors were the grandparents & that's all too!  Nice & easy.  But enough for him at the age of 1!  Amazing that the year has flown by as it has.  

DJ loves our dog & likes dog things so I thought a dog cake would be fitting.  I had to do something interesting so he doesn't start to suffer to much from second child syndrome!   BJ's first cake was a guitar so we had to do something interesting but it turned out quite easy really so that was a bonus too.  The tricky part was trying to keep it looking like a dog & not a bear!  Didn't take much to turn it into a bear!  

Trying to eat cake!  DJ did eat some & made an awful mess with the rest!  BJ was very excited about his brother's birthday.

Here is DJ also on that day with the new jumper my mum had just knitted for him.  It look terrific.  It's the Baby Crofter yarn from Sirdar & the pattern is one that goes with it.  Looks lovely.

I have only done a little crochet lately.  Been working on the ripple blanket & have done a couple of squares for the CAL.  I should get a bit motivated & blog the last squares.  I will have to see what I am up too!  Ooops.   I don't think I have blogged the cowls I knitted either!  I guess I have a couple of things I could post then!  We'll see what time allows in the week.  Hope you are having a great weekend!