12 July, 2012

Crochet Catch Up

I said the other day I had neglected to post a bunch of squares.  I really wasn't fussed about anything last month obviously as I had to go back & see which was the last one I did post & I have a few as I just discovered...  So more on the CAL  that I am currently keeping up with.  I do have the latest square to go still so I'll see if I get that done on the weekend.  So here we have the following from Ravelry...

Yarn Clouds - I loved doing this one!  

Crocodile Stitch Dahlia - this was a bit scary to look at but easy peasy to do!  Loved it!  

Drop In The Bucket - another nice design that lent itself beautifully to my rainbow.

Amber Waves - this was actually our first square but my original was only 7" so I had to do another to make it up to the 9" that I have.  To look at both you wouldn't know it was the same square!  I like the extra edge I made on here but I can't remember how I did it now to even tell you!  Oops.  

So there you have that update.  I still have some other knitting to show you but won't add it here as this is enough pictures for one post!  I have found something else to knit this week as we have out get together with the local group from Ravelry on Saturday so I had to find something.  Looking forward to it!  Have a good one!  


laydilyke said...

Wow Mandy, those are amazing squares. I love different styles of squares. I want to try that Dahlia one. And the rainbow colours really make them pop.

Sally said...

They're all so gorgeous... and look so good when they're all put together.