30 January, 2012

Still Chillin'

Wow, it's raining!  But it's still hot!  Hopefully the rain clears the air later on though.  

The boys are still catching up on sleep today which has been nice for me as I have been able to hook my new square that was posted on ravelry last night.  It's called More Vs please.  I was really tossing up with colour changes at the start but I think it looks OK.  I'm pleased with it.  I have a nice little collection now & they aren't looking so horrid anymore.  But I still put them away so I don't have to look at them for a bit.  I have a couple of other patterns printed up to do so maybe I will do another on Wednesday or Thursday.  If I get some hooking time today I will do some ripple again.  Tomorrow is work so I don't expect to do any. If I get time I am happily surprised!  

Anyway, now it's time for a game of Snakes & Ladders.  I found some decent games for our evening game time at Kmart yesterday when I got to go out for an hour all by myself!  It was lovely.  So we are trying to find a few other things for our hour before bed to keep BJ away from the TV then.  We have been experimenting.  He gets really horrible at bedtime if he has just been watching TV we have discovered.  Interesting to discover these things.  But now we are trying to find some quiet family things to do instead.  If you have anything you do at home, or any particular games let me know.  There are plenty of games out there but he is still too small for most of them which is a pity.  Oh I did find a newer version of Trouble yesterday too.  That's the one with the pop button in the centre with the dice under it.  We used to love that.  I have put it away for the moment but we will see when that needs to come out to play.  We have a little Ludo game that he has just been playing a bit but the pieces are a nuisance as they slide all over with a little bump.  DJ doesn't do little bumps either so we lose the lot.  

Have a great Monday!

29 January, 2012

Pyjama Day

Do you do Pyjama Day at your place?  We had one here today.  Well the wee ones are the only ones that go about in pjs all day not us big lot!  Pity!  But we really needed a our day of rest today that is for sure.  The last couple of days have been crazy busy, moving my mum.  OK, moving house isn't so bad but moving house & shop contents is quite a feat!  It certainly proved to be true.  I did it all lugging around 2 little kids too!  Poor guys.  But they were good really.  As long as the littlest had the attention required at feed time & change time & a wee bit of a nap thrown in in between the moving shuffle, we got by.  The big boy was a trooper, so good really considering all the upheaval going on around him.  It was good for him to see though as it makes the transition of grandma's moving a bit easier.  He did say at one point when I was trying to explain again, "I'm going to miss Grandma so much!".  But you will still see her, just in a different house.  I think he is really going to miss the playing shops bit though that grandma is forced to play each & every time.  It's more fun playing shops in a real shop you know!  

Today I took a little bit of time out too, to spend on my ripple blanket.  DJ & I went outside on picnic blanket in the shade of our lovely tree & there we sat till 5pm as it turned out.  (it seems the camera isn't on daylight savings time! lol)  

We did a bit of this....

DJ did a bit of this!  
All that fresh air!  

Uh oh, looks like I am wearing out my quilt!  Needs a little bit of repair work done.  Bother.  But it's all good.  It means we are using it & it isn't tucked in the back of the cupboard being wasted.  I like to use the stuff I make.  Well that's the point isn't it?  This was my first ever quilt top too.  It was done when I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  I did the top, then went on to do classes at a local store, which just happens to be the one I work in now.  (no I am not the quilt expert in store!)  After some beginner classes on quilting basics, then more in basting, binding & machine quilting, this actually became my second quilt as the first one was the one from the classes.  But at least I got to figure out how to finish this one off else the top would be still sitting in the cupboard.  It is my dog quilt.  I used all the Debbie Mumm fabrics that I could find at the time with dogs & a couple of others thrown in for good measure.  I still have quite a bit of it left too which is no surprise!  I think maybe the quilted paws were a bit adventurous for the time I did it, but I had it in my mind from that start that that is what I wanted to put on the plain squares.  I'm glad I did it though.  I think if I thought about it too much I would never have tried.  But it looks pretty cute.  

Grandma gave BJ a little present last night as he was so good over the last few days.  He even helped pack & move where he could.  He just wanted to help.  If you ever move, a kid likes kitchen utensil drawers.  Remove the knives & tell them to chuck all the rest in a box.  Too easy!  It may take 15 minutes longer than it would have taken you to do it, as they will probably ask you what each piece is for, but as long as you have other jobs to do around a kitchen you are pleased for a minor distraction.  Anyway, that is beside the point really.  Grandma gave BJ a box of 4 dinosaurs with paint.  As it was late yesterday before we were home again I had said we would do them today.  So paint we did!  Well he did.  I just had to hold their tails so he could paint tummies.  No he doesn't like to get paint on his fingers but he did a little & didn't complain too much!  lol  Thank goodness I put the paper on the table first!  

Recycle tip for the day - if you have large calendars with nice pictures that you didn't want to throw away, they make really good drop sheets for kids crafts & then you can throw the nice picture away without too much guilt!  As you can see, this is a big calendar page.  It came in very useful I think.  
OK, pyjama day is over.  I need to get into mine.  There is no way I can stay up to watch anymore tennis as I can see this match will still go for at least another hour & a half.  That will make it almost midnight.  Nope, that's me done for the weekend.  Catchya later! 

27 January, 2012

Hope Your Day Was As Terrific

We had the most awesome Australia Day.  What has turned into an annual event, our Australia Day Barbecue has proved to be ever popular & hugely fun once again.  For having so many people at home - about 30, it is still one of the most relaxing days of entertaining to be had.  It was awesome weather.  We had so much awesome food & lots of awesome company.  It really makes for a pleasant day.  The tribe of kids had a blast with each other.  They all had great fun under the bubble sprinkler & making apple juice out of lemons.  Hmmm... interesting, but kids can do almost anything they put their minds on so I won't argue with any logic that is behind such a thing.  

I did start a new square on Wednesday & managed to get the last rounds in yesterday before everyone arrived at lunch time.  I really like this one, the Efflorescent Window.  I very nearly ditched it on the first couple of rounds but I persevered & wouldn't let it win.  It turned out OK after all.  I quite like this one with the little window in the middle.  I was able to make it the size I needed for my smaller bunch of squares too after the giant the other day.  I have a nice little collection now.  I will have to post a group picture of them soon.  

So now I will have to keep reminding myself all day that it is Friday after yesterday felt like Saturday all day.    But it's all good as tomorrow we get another Saturday!  Two in a week.  Bonus!  Have a good one!  Stay cool if you are sweltering, stay dry if you are getting loads of rain & if you are on the other side of the world, enjoy whatever the day brings!  

25 January, 2012

Practice Is Good

This square looked the scariest of them all so far in our Crochet along challenge, but wasn't at all.  It was time consuming & I had a little disagreement with the Elongated Back Post Stitches, but we kissed & made up after a little while.  Yeah, even the name of the stitches scared me!  This is the New Year's Eve square. It also turned out large, as once again I couldn't make it smaller.  Well I wondered if the green lacy looking bit could have managed with one row less, but I just left it as is.  The Star Odyssey square I did last week is slightly smaller so I will add a row to that one & it will be the same as this.  I am guessing that as I go along making squares it will happen that there are a couple of different sizes, & some that I can't adjust much.  So I will go with it for now, & will end up with two sampler blankets I guess.  That's cool too.  In the meantime I am learning, developing my crochet skills, learning to read patterns better, figuring out some finer points of crochet that I still wonder about each time I change colours, & wonder if I will ever know the secrets to these things.  In the mean time I hope I am doing some of these things right.  I guess time will tell, if the blankets fall apart!

An end of an era today with mum's shop being open for the last time today.  Wow, after 18 long years it is time for her to move on!  It's scary for her but exciting none the less.  Bring on retirement!  Yay Mum!

24 January, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

I'm lucky enough to work in a craft shop.  At the moment I am only there a day a week, so by the time I get there again it's often the case that a bunch of new stuff has arrived again that I get to catch up on.  Today was no different.  I got there & for once there was a range of fabric that although I had to look at it a few times it really grew on me & I came to love it.  Often I look at new fabrics & think blah, or a couple in a group are OK only, but this lot I must say really sucked me in with all of them.  I don't know why as I really am not a florally person.  But this range seems to have a bit of a vintage feel about it.  It's really cool.  The range is Covent Garden by Benartex.  This is 12 of the range.  I see there are a few more in different colour ways but these as a set of 12 are really great.  I got to cut up a whole stack of it today for kits which will look awesome.   I am seriously considering some of this range.  I love the colours.  The 4th one from the left looks so vintage sheet-ish.  I am really taken with this lot.  I wonder if I can find something interesting to use them for.  I must have a plan before I buy some as I must get enough before it disappears & disappears fast I think.  Lucky I don't have girls to sew for else they would be well decked out in this I think.  

23 January, 2012

Sunday Treats

It had been a while since we did anything like go out on an outing such as this.  So it was a real treat for us, but especially for train mad BJ.  We had a few relatives over from the big bit of Oz so spent the afternoon first having a barbecue lunch at home & then we went for a nice leisurely train ride.  As you do.  It was somewhere we had talked about going for a while to let BJ experience the train & now we had the perfect excuse.  It was a nice little ride.  We go past the place often, but you know, you just don't do those tourist things so much when they are right on your doorstep.  So we have finally experienced the Don River Railway.  BJ loved it so much he wanted to go back today of course.  Or next week.  He doesn't mind when but I guess the sooner the better.  Maybe we will again before his birthday as he is still free!  

The carriage we were in was a cute old wooden thing.  Lovely little hi-lite windows at the top with etched glass.  Loved that bit.  The kids all had a great time, not just BJ.  But so did all the grown ups.  

 Cute little interiors
 Watching the steam engine back onto the carriages.  Fascinating stuff for little (& big) boys!

 Ice-creams all round...

Just to top it off nicely we went to the bestest ever chocolate factory around for after treat treats of icecream.  I did get a couple of chocolates to take home for later though.  Shhhh don't tell.  Oh I did give one to Stuart but it was treat for once the boys were in bed.  Love their chocolates.  Heaven...  now I must admit though that this is one tourist place I do know very, very well.  They do a great coffee, they do a great hot chocolate, they do great light meals & they do the bestest ever desserts.  (try the Orange Mousse Cake if you are there, but if I'm there too make sure you leave a piece for me!)  Oh & they also have a bit of factory viewing which wasn't in operation on a Sunday but I have seen them working there through the viewing window.  Quite interesting.  There are also plenty of samples to taste test which we did.  I was very lucky as they had my favourite hazelnut truffle in the taste containers this time.  What a lovely afternoon.  No doubt I will be there again soon, even if it is just for a take away coffee or hot chocolate as you get a piece of fudge & a truffle with each takeaway drink so worth the stop for sure!  

I have been there a few times over the last couple of months.  I am in a group on Ravelry that is made up of a few locals & this has become our meet up place for a couple of hours of knit & crochet time, with a coffee & cake of course!  (that is the point after all!  You thought the point was the knit & crochet time didn't you!)  Each time we have been there it has been packed with people.  It's always so busy on a weekend.  Anyway, I will leave you drooling over the thought of such yummy chocolate.  If you haven't been there before or tasted their stuff, you don't know what you are missing.  If you have been there & tried it, ha ha, you do know what you are missing!

22 January, 2012

An Old Favourite

Do you have a favourite shirt that you just can't part with?  I do...  I have had my We Will Rock You t-shirt for such a long time & I haven't been able to wear it since pre-kids.  lol  It lost its shape terribly & also became too small for some reason.  Oh well.  But still I couldn't throw it out.  For one thing, I really loved the show.  Loved it.  Totally.  In fact, I changed my flights & stuff to fit it in after Stu had been to Melbourne for a concert & this & he said I just had to see it.  So, I did.  Well worth it & heck I got an extra night in Melbourne!  Bonus!  

 I saved it.  Yesterday was laundry day.  I did get it all finished, but in between I did re-purpose this old shirt for BJ.  I thought it would be hard, or trickier than it was, but it was so easy.  Took about ten minutes.  That's it.  & that included re-pinning around the shirt where I used BJ's Scooby-do shirt for sizing.  He thought I was wrecking Scooby!  So took the pins out again.  Anyway, it worked.  It probably won't last much longer but it does the job of my not having to ditch the shirt quite yet.  New life in it & he was happy with a new shirt.  So easily pleased at that age!    

21 January, 2012

I Want To Be Little Again

After my post the other day when I said that BJ was upset because he wanted to be little again (you can find it here), I got to thinking how nice it was to be little.  It's nice to be oblivious to all the grown up stuff going on around you!  I really don't want my boys to grow up too fast but I wonder these days if the way we live does make it happen sooner than it did in my growing up days.  I know I was naive about so many things that went on around me for a long time!  I guess so much has changed & now it will be a good lesson in how to protect my boys from things to a certain degree, before I feel like they need to do or know stuff...

I thought I would have a turn at being little again anyway, with a little group of pictures of me back then...

  1. Myself, little baby Chris & Mum.  No idea where this is.  I can see expressions of BJ & DJ in me there.  
  2. Big sister Judy on the big bike.  Myself & Chris squished on the trike.  We used to spend a LOT of time riding our bikes on our driveway.  
  3. Ours summers were spent camping.  We didn't leave town, we took the caravan over the river to a camp ground there & spent most of the summer there.  They were good times.  Myself & Chris sunbaking!  At least I have zinc cream on my nose, but I doubt the rest of me has any sunscreen!  
  4. Beach babe Me!  You won't see me in a bikini ever again!
  5. Chris, Mum & I again.  This time planting fruit trees in the new garden.  We each had our own fruit tree that we chose.  Mine was a plum tree.  
  6. Judy & I.  My first pay packet.  The olden days when you got paid in cash in a little envelope specially made for pays.  Our Opa had a business & we used to help I guess.  Turned out I ended up working there for 10 years later on so this was the start of a long career.  
So there you go.  I love it that there are gadgets that can convert slides to PC.
Stay cool!

More Playtime

I did another square.  I couldn't wait for Sunday to roll around with the announcement of our next square for the crochet along...  So I did this Easter Day square.  It wasn't hard at all, but I find it interesting that my centre is kind of off centre.  Kind of a little crooked.  Well not kind of, it is!  Maybe I didn't join one in the right spot.  Who knows.  But live & learn right.  Oh & I found a mistake on one corner but I won't tell you where.  Someone will inspect & find it I'm sure.  lol  But it's ok.  I had to leave one row off this to make it the size of my other squares.  I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.  They are all tucked back away until Monday when I will dig out the yarns again to do the next one.  The new ones are announced on Sunday but it is Sunday evening my time so I don't really get a chance to do anything about it then.  

 Speaking of Sunday, anyone waiting to watch the new Young Talent Time on Aussie TV on Sunday evening?  I am looking forward to it.  I for one am not scared to say I lived for YTT in my younger days.  My sister & I knew everything about it.  We still do.  I have the DVD of the old stuff that they brought out a while back.  It's good.  I don't watch it often of course but hey, maybe I should get it out again & put it on for BJ.  He might enjoy it now.  Anyway, I will be interested to see what this new make of it is like.  Plus I have to see Tina Arena.  She is such a talent.  Not afraid to say I have all her CDs too.  Love each & everyone.  One day I will get to see a show of hers live.  I think the last time she was here I was pregnant or something so had no chance of going.  She is an awesome singer & it will be interesting to see what she does on the show as a judge I believe.  

Just another indulgent Mummy moment going on here with this gorgeous face of DJ.  
Happy Saturday.  Looks like another scorcher but one I must spend doing laundry.  Lovely fun!  Must fill the pool for the boys for later on though.  I think we will need it.  

20 January, 2012

More Square Fun

I had to make another square.  There are so many great squares on Ravelry so I thought I would make another.  We still have a number of weeks left in the crochet along I am joining in with but that won't make many squares so I thought I would have a play with a couple more.  So I did this one.  It's Odysey & quite pretty I think.  I enjoyed doing it.  Only problem is it is way bigger than all my other squares.  I couldn't make it smaller as the round section itself was as big as my other squares.  Then I still had to add the rows that make it into a square.  Oh well, I will donate it to anyone that could use it for a scrappy throw for charity or something.  I will have to make my selections more carefully now & make sure I pick the ones that are done in 10ply yarn so when I do them in 8ply they are my size!  That's where I went wrong here.  This one was done in 8ply & I didn't notice.  Not to worry.  It is pretty & would look great in a whole blanket of these.  But probably not in these colours!

Summer continues to rock with more picnics & paddling in the garden.  We are sure making up for no summer last year this time round.  I got out BJ's old swing that we used to hang on the deck at the old house.  There isn't really anywhere to hang it here, but I really wanted to put it up for DJ.  So I stuck it in the apple tree.  For now it's a good spot since he is still so little.  But poor BJ was devastated.  He's too big for the swing.  He told me he just wants to be little again & sobbed & sobbed.  He really really wanted to be little again so he could go on it.  The problems of a child are just too sweet.  Wish they were my problems too.   I don't want to be a grown up, I want to be little again...

17 January, 2012

I Love Nap Time

I managed to get another square done for the Crochet along on Monday while DJ was napping.  Ahhh... bliss.  I was very good & folded washing & did horrid domestic sort of jobs first & then got to sit happily & hook this.  This looked the scariest of them all so far but turned out to be the easiest of them all even though I still had to undo a round when I realised where I had made a mistake.  So that's good isn't it?  That means I am either getting better already, or maybe this was just easier than the other 2.  Either way, I also like this one better than those.  I think it's the colours.  I think I am turning into a greener than bluer girl than I was.  But this one definitely appeals to me more.  This square was meant to be only 6" & since we were doing a 12" bunch this was kind of not going to work.  I don't know how many are going to do it in the group but I did after all because my squares are all only about 8".  As it was, according to the pattern I would have 3 rounds less.  So the outside coral border, the next green & next lemon wouldn't be there.  They really make it colour wise I think so that was interesting.  I'm glad it didn't need to be any bigger else it would have needed more colour changes to make it look OK.  I did start that lemon row in blue & hated it & then did it in coral & that wasn't doing anything for me, then the lemon & yes bingo, it works!  I really am feeling quite clever after managing the 3 squares so far.  Now I feel like I could tackle anything!  But then again, maybe not!  

16 January, 2012

Sunday Was Sew Much Fun Too

What's not fun about little toadstools like this in your garden!  Ok, so they aren't really in the garden anymore & only were on this mossy shrub stuff for the pictures, but they are cute as can be.  So much so that BJ claimed one right after!  (& then promptly dropped it in the dog water & so it spent some time drying out! )  But they are cute & super easy!  Mostly all hand sewn too, but you could sew the caps by hand if you wanted.  They are from a gorgeous book called Cotton Floss by Cinderberry Stitches.  I got it at work late last year & raced home to cute out these things.  Poor fairies have been homeless until yesterday as I only just got to sew them on the weekend!  But they were worth the wait I think.  There are the cutest designs in the book for toadstool embroideries too.  I am deciding which to do next.  BJ wants an owl softie from it, so that may come first.  We'll see what strikes my creativie desire first.  There is also a range of fabric coming out to go with it & we are getting a couple of them in at work.  I will be very excited when they arrive!  (can you tell I love my job? lol)

 It was lovely to be able to do the stitching on those in-between some more summer backyard fun yesterday.  We had a great time in the paddling clam.  The water had been in all day warming up so I would have just about got in.  BJ is a laugh.  He isn't really a water boy & stands there wading with his shorts pulled up!  So funny.  This was DJ's first time in the pool like this so it was fun to see him enjoy it at least.  

 You will have to indulge my mother adoration as I make this picture of DJ in the pool large!  The look is just too special & Stu did a great job to capture it at that split second.  

BJ had his share of water play in between our playing with the large bubble wand & doing big bubble chasing all over the yard.  So much fun & such special times with little ones.  

14 January, 2012

Sew Much Fun

Yesterday the good fortune continued with DJ having another nice long nap.  So I got all excited while the sewing machine was still out & picked up this blanket.  Well it wasn't a blanket then but it is now.   I bought this softest fleece before DJ was born & had bought some yellow satin ribbon to put on around the edge.  I had pins in it all over & it's been sitting there for about 5 months waiting for me to sew it on.  Well I did - rather badly but it's on!  It's still the softest squishiest fleece I ever did meet & will make a cosy blanket for any of us!  lol  

 After sewing that & taking out the mammoth pile of pins I had no where to put them!  Bother!  So next stop was the box in the cupboard that had the blue turtle in it.  I had cut out this turtle probably about 18 months ago when I made BJ's & another for my sister.  But my poor pin turtle got left at the time.  So that was a bonus as in no time at all I had him all sewn up & totally pinned up.  Woohoo!  I did enjoy that little sewing marathon yesterday!  I wonder when I will ever get a chance to do so much in a day again.  
 This morning I spent helping my mum with her sale at the shop she has finally sold.  Yay!  So the next couple of weeks will be a bit tied up with extra time spent helping her do clean up & packing & moving I guess.  

This afternoon however we have had a lovely day in the garden having a picnic.  BJ does so enjoy a picnic. It was a good time to be silly & play & enjoy the summer .  

Fairy Bread anyone?  A quick emergency picnic snack which was obviously enjoyed by BJ.  

A bit of bike riding around the garden is always in order.  

Shhhh...  I don't think you are allowed to dink anyone really so don't tell....

Ooops...  & no helmuts!   Love the Weekend!  Hope yours is just as sunny, funny & happy!

13 January, 2012

Just Have To Post This Now!

I have to post again as I have to put up the cushion!  I managed to finish it this morning while baby was sleeping!  It actually looks pretty good!  I did have to laugh though as when I showed BJ his new cushion he told me he would like one with penguins next!  Oh ok, I will have to see what I can do another day.  However, we do have some really nice fabric at work with penguins on it!  

This is a fairly new range of fabric that came into work & I thought the blue & red were perfect for the Union Jack.  I got the pattern in one of those many million of magazines you can get these days in packs of 2 or 3.  Mostly there isn't anything you want in any of them but I had to buy this pack as I wanted the cushion!  It was in Handmade Gift Giving Vol 29 no 9.  It was designed by Jenny from Elefantz.  She has other Union Jack cushions on her blog.  I should have found those first as the mag pattern had a little error, but I managed to work with it.  

The blue, red & backing vehicle fabric are from the range Ready Go! by Richard Neuman for Clothworks.  It's a really nice boy range of fabric.  The white is an Alexander Henry spot from a range a couple of years back.  Worked quite well.  It was certainly a test of my sewing.  I haven't really sewn much like it for a while.  I even made friends with the automatic button holer!  Stu said that you just blanket stitch & then cut it don't you?  Well yeah, but you use this gadget to do it!  lol  So I did lots of practice with the button holer first as it was a rather long time since I had used it.  At least when I did, I made notes in the instruction book which was handy.  Love that gadget.  It's my new favourite friend as BJ would say in reference to something that he likes now.  I also got to make use of my Oma's buttons tins.  I found 3 great buttons for it there, so a bit of history too, even though BJ doesn't know my Oma from long ago.
I thought I was being clever doing piping for the edge too.  I have never done piping before but this really cool stuff we have at work was something I really had to make use of for this.  Have you seen it before?  It's iron on piping!   The rope/cord is covered in a piece of stuff like your iron on interfacing.  So you just cut a strip of fabric, sew enough together for the length you need to go around whatever & then you iron the fabric over & hey presto!   You have the fiddly bit done & you just have to pin that between your back & front pieces & you sew around the perimeter & you are done!  Too easy!  I was a bit nervous about it & thought I should have got some tips from the other ladies at work who have used it.  I will now anyway to see what I could have done differently.  But it worked out well really, even sewing around the corners.
So that's another little project done!  So cool!  Now I have just put DJ to bed again & I have got out my next project!  Yay for nap time & yay for the fact that I am actually home making use of it for a change!  

Times They Are A-Changin'

Time is certainly moving along.  This little treasure is already 6 months old. That song "Times they are a-changin'" couldn't be more suitable for him as we named him for one of our favourite singers.  Every day brings with it new & exciting developments in his little life already, from almost sitting by himself, to eating like a pig.  In many ways he is like his big brother - to look at for one thing & how tall he is seemingly going to be.  In many ways he is different too. This boy likes food already.  It took a long time for the big boy to be interested in food.  DJ is on the move now, rolling about & wiggling from here to there, being determined to get hold of whatever he has set his sights on.  

Not much crafty time again these days but I did manage a new crochet square for the Ravelry crochet along I am taking part in.  I don't like it yet.  But I feel clever cos it wasn't easy.  The star is actuallly a separate piece attached on top.  So that was quite clever.  That was the easy part though.  Following on some of the rest of the Star Overlay rounds was a whole other story.  For now I have hidden both squares away so I don't have to look at them till next week & then maybe I will find a bit of love for them again.  

The very late evenings I have been getting in a bit of sewing time for a fun thing I had to make.  It is a toss up at night whether to sleep or sew.  I have had to take a little sewing time as I just won't be able to ever do it otherwise.  Sleep is over-rated right?  lol  
Seeya...  Oh cool, it's Friday again, have a great weekend!  

07 January, 2012

Need A New Bag?

I've been having a little browse on line & you know how it is, you get side tracked & end up looking at odd things you really didn't care about before but it was fun looking all the same!  
Here are some bags I came across...

This makes me laugh.  It is tape measures on the other side but I like this side too, though I wouldn't use it for much.  Just quirky. 

...anyone?  Very cute but I think I would look silly carrying it!

Quite snazzy idea but needs to be a different colour I think.  Looks rather blaaaaa, however authentic.

I love the record bag.  Need to check out more on this one.  Very cute & I could just about see me with this if it was big enough!  

06 January, 2012

Week of Random

The new year is already flying by.  I am already behind on some things!  How can it be?  But the week has been crazy & busy & hot!  So a little bit of the week that was...

DJ turned 6 months old already!  Where has the time gone?  So we had a half cake the other day to celebrate!  lol  Any excuse for a party hey!  We also had DJ's first trip to the beach.  I even went for a proper swim myself!  Wow, that rarely happens!  

It's been so hot even the kookaburra wanted icecream!

The big brother giving the little brother a grass hat.  As you do...

The boys got a bubble sprinkler from us for Christmas.  It blows bubbles as well as sprays like a sprinkler.  Lots of fun!  

BJ practising with the camera again.  I just love the look on DJ's face.  He responds to everything that big brother does.  

I have been able to do a little bit of crafting this week!  Miracles do happen!  I decided to join a Crochet Along (CAL) on Ravelry.  It isn't something I really wanted to commit to but the other day while browsing I thought I would try.  It is just for a different 12" square every week that someone there picks as a surprise.  I decided I needed to challenge myself on the crochet front.  I had a book from the library recently that I sat & tried something out of & I couldn't do it!  I thought I should try at least to see if I could do something there & this way I have help from the rest of the group if I get stuck.  This Spring Fling square was certainly a challenge.  I very nearly did fling it too. It took a few days which is long for something as small as one square but with all the interruptions I get & the very small windows of opportunity I have had lately to do any at all, I am pleased I was able to do it.  Plus they are a good size for in summer!  I think this was the hardest piece of crochet I have followed so I am quite pleased I did it.   Really, it doesn't look too bad.  I used an 8ply/DK yarn so it is only 8" but that suits me fine.  I had the acrylic handy to am using what I have.  I will see if I can manage to keep up with the CAL.  It has been amazing to see the other finished squares already as they are the same but different!  Very interesting to see everyone's take on the pattern.  

Have a great weekend!  I hope to get some other fun stuff done now the ironing is once again caught up!  I had to iron fabric I had washed for a project so thought I had better do ironing before I finished playing with the fabric.  :-)