21 January, 2012

More Playtime

I did another square.  I couldn't wait for Sunday to roll around with the announcement of our next square for the crochet along...  So I did this Easter Day square.  It wasn't hard at all, but I find it interesting that my centre is kind of off centre.  Kind of a little crooked.  Well not kind of, it is!  Maybe I didn't join one in the right spot.  Who knows.  But live & learn right.  Oh & I found a mistake on one corner but I won't tell you where.  Someone will inspect & find it I'm sure.  lol  But it's ok.  I had to leave one row off this to make it the size of my other squares.  I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.  They are all tucked back away until Monday when I will dig out the yarns again to do the next one.  The new ones are announced on Sunday but it is Sunday evening my time so I don't really get a chance to do anything about it then.  

 Speaking of Sunday, anyone waiting to watch the new Young Talent Time on Aussie TV on Sunday evening?  I am looking forward to it.  I for one am not scared to say I lived for YTT in my younger days.  My sister & I knew everything about it.  We still do.  I have the DVD of the old stuff that they brought out a while back.  It's good.  I don't watch it often of course but hey, maybe I should get it out again & put it on for BJ.  He might enjoy it now.  Anyway, I will be interested to see what this new make of it is like.  Plus I have to see Tina Arena.  She is such a talent.  Not afraid to say I have all her CDs too.  Love each & everyone.  One day I will get to see a show of hers live.  I think the last time she was here I was pregnant or something so had no chance of going.  She is an awesome singer & it will be interesting to see what she does on the show as a judge I believe.  

Just another indulgent Mummy moment going on here with this gorgeous face of DJ.  
Happy Saturday.  Looks like another scorcher but one I must spend doing laundry.  Lovely fun!  Must fill the pool for the boys for later on though.  I think we will need it.  


Sally said...

I'm loving this square too. Brilliant. I don't have time to look for imperfections... and anyway the fact that it is wonky and not "perfect" kinda makes it perfect in my book. Does that make sense???
YTT - wasn't planning to watch it but who knows? I loved Tina Arena when I was a kid. I wanted a fringe like her but my Mum said I couldn't because I'd go blind in one eye. What the???
And speaking of eyes ... look at that gorgeous DJ!!! Those eyes are so blue and beautiful.

Property Facility Management said...

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