16 January, 2012

Sunday Was Sew Much Fun Too

What's not fun about little toadstools like this in your garden!  Ok, so they aren't really in the garden anymore & only were on this mossy shrub stuff for the pictures, but they are cute as can be.  So much so that BJ claimed one right after!  (& then promptly dropped it in the dog water & so it spent some time drying out! )  But they are cute & super easy!  Mostly all hand sewn too, but you could sew the caps by hand if you wanted.  They are from a gorgeous book called Cotton Floss by Cinderberry Stitches.  I got it at work late last year & raced home to cute out these things.  Poor fairies have been homeless until yesterday as I only just got to sew them on the weekend!  But they were worth the wait I think.  There are the cutest designs in the book for toadstool embroideries too.  I am deciding which to do next.  BJ wants an owl softie from it, so that may come first.  We'll see what strikes my creativie desire first.  There is also a range of fabric coming out to go with it & we are getting a couple of them in at work.  I will be very excited when they arrive!  (can you tell I love my job? lol)

 It was lovely to be able to do the stitching on those in-between some more summer backyard fun yesterday.  We had a great time in the paddling clam.  The water had been in all day warming up so I would have just about got in.  BJ is a laugh.  He isn't really a water boy & stands there wading with his shorts pulled up!  So funny.  This was DJ's first time in the pool like this so it was fun to see him enjoy it at least.  

 You will have to indulge my mother adoration as I make this picture of DJ in the pool large!  The look is just too special & Stu did a great job to capture it at that split second.  

BJ had his share of water play in between our playing with the large bubble wand & doing big bubble chasing all over the yard.  So much fun & such special times with little ones.  

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Taylor Made said...

Those mushrooms oops toadstools are so cute....you guys have been really enjoying the water of late...too much fun to be had in the summer. x