17 January, 2012

I Love Nap Time

I managed to get another square done for the Crochet along on Monday while DJ was napping.  Ahhh... bliss.  I was very good & folded washing & did horrid domestic sort of jobs first & then got to sit happily & hook this.  This looked the scariest of them all so far but turned out to be the easiest of them all even though I still had to undo a round when I realised where I had made a mistake.  So that's good isn't it?  That means I am either getting better already, or maybe this was just easier than the other 2.  Either way, I also like this one better than those.  I think it's the colours.  I think I am turning into a greener than bluer girl than I was.  But this one definitely appeals to me more.  This square was meant to be only 6" & since we were doing a 12" bunch this was kind of not going to work.  I don't know how many are going to do it in the group but I did after all because my squares are all only about 8".  As it was, according to the pattern I would have 3 rounds less.  So the outside coral border, the next green & next lemon wouldn't be there.  They really make it colour wise I think so that was interesting.  I'm glad it didn't need to be any bigger else it would have needed more colour changes to make it look OK.  I did start that lemon row in blue & hated it & then did it in coral & that wasn't doing anything for me, then the lemon & yes bingo, it works!  I really am feeling quite clever after managing the 3 squares so far.  Now I feel like I could tackle anything!  But then again, maybe not!  

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Sally said...

Oh my - what a domestic goddess you are. Folding the washing first. That's outrageous.