30 January, 2012

Still Chillin'

Wow, it's raining!  But it's still hot!  Hopefully the rain clears the air later on though.  

The boys are still catching up on sleep today which has been nice for me as I have been able to hook my new square that was posted on ravelry last night.  It's called More Vs please.  I was really tossing up with colour changes at the start but I think it looks OK.  I'm pleased with it.  I have a nice little collection now & they aren't looking so horrid anymore.  But I still put them away so I don't have to look at them for a bit.  I have a couple of other patterns printed up to do so maybe I will do another on Wednesday or Thursday.  If I get some hooking time today I will do some ripple again.  Tomorrow is work so I don't expect to do any. If I get time I am happily surprised!  

Anyway, now it's time for a game of Snakes & Ladders.  I found some decent games for our evening game time at Kmart yesterday when I got to go out for an hour all by myself!  It was lovely.  So we are trying to find a few other things for our hour before bed to keep BJ away from the TV then.  We have been experimenting.  He gets really horrible at bedtime if he has just been watching TV we have discovered.  Interesting to discover these things.  But now we are trying to find some quiet family things to do instead.  If you have anything you do at home, or any particular games let me know.  There are plenty of games out there but he is still too small for most of them which is a pity.  Oh I did find a newer version of Trouble yesterday too.  That's the one with the pop button in the centre with the dice under it.  We used to love that.  I have put it away for the moment but we will see when that needs to come out to play.  We have a little Ludo game that he has just been playing a bit but the pieces are a nuisance as they slide all over with a little bump.  DJ doesn't do little bumps either so we lose the lot.  

Have a great Monday!


Bron said...

Hey my little guy and I sat tonight and did some of his favorite sticker book before bed....hey just don't make your games too exciting LOL

Sally said...

How could your squares ever look horrid??? NOT possible.