24 January, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

I'm lucky enough to work in a craft shop.  At the moment I am only there a day a week, so by the time I get there again it's often the case that a bunch of new stuff has arrived again that I get to catch up on.  Today was no different.  I got there & for once there was a range of fabric that although I had to look at it a few times it really grew on me & I came to love it.  Often I look at new fabrics & think blah, or a couple in a group are OK only, but this lot I must say really sucked me in with all of them.  I don't know why as I really am not a florally person.  But this range seems to have a bit of a vintage feel about it.  It's really cool.  The range is Covent Garden by Benartex.  This is 12 of the range.  I see there are a few more in different colour ways but these as a set of 12 are really great.  I got to cut up a whole stack of it today for kits which will look awesome.   I am seriously considering some of this range.  I love the colours.  The 4th one from the left looks so vintage sheet-ish.  I am really taken with this lot.  I wonder if I can find something interesting to use them for.  I must have a plan before I buy some as I must get enough before it disappears & disappears fast I think.  Lucky I don't have girls to sew for else they would be well decked out in this I think.  

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Sally said...

Yeah it does have a real vintage feel to it. Mmm... the temptations of working in a craft shop!!!