22 January, 2012

An Old Favourite

Do you have a favourite shirt that you just can't part with?  I do...  I have had my We Will Rock You t-shirt for such a long time & I haven't been able to wear it since pre-kids.  lol  It lost its shape terribly & also became too small for some reason.  Oh well.  But still I couldn't throw it out.  For one thing, I really loved the show.  Loved it.  Totally.  In fact, I changed my flights & stuff to fit it in after Stu had been to Melbourne for a concert & this & he said I just had to see it.  So, I did.  Well worth it & heck I got an extra night in Melbourne!  Bonus!  

 I saved it.  Yesterday was laundry day.  I did get it all finished, but in between I did re-purpose this old shirt for BJ.  I thought it would be hard, or trickier than it was, but it was so easy.  Took about ten minutes.  That's it.  & that included re-pinning around the shirt where I used BJ's Scooby-do shirt for sizing.  He thought I was wrecking Scooby!  So took the pins out again.  Anyway, it worked.  It probably won't last much longer but it does the job of my not having to ditch the shirt quite yet.  New life in it & he was happy with a new shirt.  So easily pleased at that age!    


big B said...

Good job repurposing! He looks very pleased with it too!

Bron said...

That is such a neat idea...sure you could downsize it one more time for the littlest guy LOL x