29 January, 2012

Pyjama Day

Do you do Pyjama Day at your place?  We had one here today.  Well the wee ones are the only ones that go about in pjs all day not us big lot!  Pity!  But we really needed a our day of rest today that is for sure.  The last couple of days have been crazy busy, moving my mum.  OK, moving house isn't so bad but moving house & shop contents is quite a feat!  It certainly proved to be true.  I did it all lugging around 2 little kids too!  Poor guys.  But they were good really.  As long as the littlest had the attention required at feed time & change time & a wee bit of a nap thrown in in between the moving shuffle, we got by.  The big boy was a trooper, so good really considering all the upheaval going on around him.  It was good for him to see though as it makes the transition of grandma's moving a bit easier.  He did say at one point when I was trying to explain again, "I'm going to miss Grandma so much!".  But you will still see her, just in a different house.  I think he is really going to miss the playing shops bit though that grandma is forced to play each & every time.  It's more fun playing shops in a real shop you know!  

Today I took a little bit of time out too, to spend on my ripple blanket.  DJ & I went outside on picnic blanket in the shade of our lovely tree & there we sat till 5pm as it turned out.  (it seems the camera isn't on daylight savings time! lol)  

We did a bit of this....

DJ did a bit of this!  
All that fresh air!  

Uh oh, looks like I am wearing out my quilt!  Needs a little bit of repair work done.  Bother.  But it's all good.  It means we are using it & it isn't tucked in the back of the cupboard being wasted.  I like to use the stuff I make.  Well that's the point isn't it?  This was my first ever quilt top too.  It was done when I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  I did the top, then went on to do classes at a local store, which just happens to be the one I work in now.  (no I am not the quilt expert in store!)  After some beginner classes on quilting basics, then more in basting, binding & machine quilting, this actually became my second quilt as the first one was the one from the classes.  But at least I got to figure out how to finish this one off else the top would be still sitting in the cupboard.  It is my dog quilt.  I used all the Debbie Mumm fabrics that I could find at the time with dogs & a couple of others thrown in for good measure.  I still have quite a bit of it left too which is no surprise!  I think maybe the quilted paws were a bit adventurous for the time I did it, but I had it in my mind from that start that that is what I wanted to put on the plain squares.  I'm glad I did it though.  I think if I thought about it too much I would never have tried.  But it looks pretty cute.  

Grandma gave BJ a little present last night as he was so good over the last few days.  He even helped pack & move where he could.  He just wanted to help.  If you ever move, a kid likes kitchen utensil drawers.  Remove the knives & tell them to chuck all the rest in a box.  Too easy!  It may take 15 minutes longer than it would have taken you to do it, as they will probably ask you what each piece is for, but as long as you have other jobs to do around a kitchen you are pleased for a minor distraction.  Anyway, that is beside the point really.  Grandma gave BJ a box of 4 dinosaurs with paint.  As it was late yesterday before we were home again I had said we would do them today.  So paint we did!  Well he did.  I just had to hold their tails so he could paint tummies.  No he doesn't like to get paint on his fingers but he did a little & didn't complain too much!  lol  Thank goodness I put the paper on the table first!  

Recycle tip for the day - if you have large calendars with nice pictures that you didn't want to throw away, they make really good drop sheets for kids crafts & then you can throw the nice picture away without too much guilt!  As you can see, this is a big calendar page.  It came in very useful I think.  
OK, pyjama day is over.  I need to get into mine.  There is no way I can stay up to watch anymore tennis as I can see this match will still go for at least another hour & a half.  That will make it almost midnight.  Nope, that's me done for the weekend.  Catchya later! 


Bron said...

We could have done with a PJ day here too.....I love that photo of DJ asleep under the sunshine....Have a great week filled with lots of relaxing. x

Crochet Dude(Rob) said...

we had a pj day yesterday we just need it after 6 hour car drive on friday. love the blanket I am sew a blanket right now for my friends baby.

Sally said...

We have lots of PJ days here... but I gotta tell you it is usually me that stays in my PJs the longest (since my children are prone to gratuitous nudity!)
We use old calenders for craft too! Same logic as well. SNAP!
I still haven't made a quilt but would really really love to. There are just so many things that I want to make and just not enough time. I'm with you... things I make are to be used. I want the things I make to become part of our collective memory. I'd rather they got worn out or stained than stashed away and never seen. There is no logic in that.

Geez that photo of DJ asleep on the quilt in the fresh air is wonderful. What a precious moment.