14 January, 2012

Sew Much Fun

Yesterday the good fortune continued with DJ having another nice long nap.  So I got all excited while the sewing machine was still out & picked up this blanket.  Well it wasn't a blanket then but it is now.   I bought this softest fleece before DJ was born & had bought some yellow satin ribbon to put on around the edge.  I had pins in it all over & it's been sitting there for about 5 months waiting for me to sew it on.  Well I did - rather badly but it's on!  It's still the softest squishiest fleece I ever did meet & will make a cosy blanket for any of us!  lol  

 After sewing that & taking out the mammoth pile of pins I had no where to put them!  Bother!  So next stop was the box in the cupboard that had the blue turtle in it.  I had cut out this turtle probably about 18 months ago when I made BJ's & another for my sister.  But my poor pin turtle got left at the time.  So that was a bonus as in no time at all I had him all sewn up & totally pinned up.  Woohoo!  I did enjoy that little sewing marathon yesterday!  I wonder when I will ever get a chance to do so much in a day again.  
 This morning I spent helping my mum with her sale at the shop she has finally sold.  Yay!  So the next couple of weeks will be a bit tied up with extra time spent helping her do clean up & packing & moving I guess.  

This afternoon however we have had a lovely day in the garden having a picnic.  BJ does so enjoy a picnic. It was a good time to be silly & play & enjoy the summer .  

Fairy Bread anyone?  A quick emergency picnic snack which was obviously enjoyed by BJ.  

A bit of bike riding around the garden is always in order.  

Shhhh...  I don't think you are allowed to dink anyone really so don't tell....

Ooops...  & no helmuts!   Love the Weekend!  Hope yours is just as sunny, funny & happy!


Taylor Made said...

I bet you are loving all that sew time? Great time of the year to be enjoying the slower pace of life too and having lots of fun xx

Sally said...

Brilliant! You're on a mission. I need to take a leaf out of your book and get on and finish some WIPs.
Lovely summer days. Ironically we don't get outside so much in the summer because it is so hot. We dash out here and there ... mostly early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

DJ and BJ are both looking so big!