23 January, 2012

Sunday Treats

It had been a while since we did anything like go out on an outing such as this.  So it was a real treat for us, but especially for train mad BJ.  We had a few relatives over from the big bit of Oz so spent the afternoon first having a barbecue lunch at home & then we went for a nice leisurely train ride.  As you do.  It was somewhere we had talked about going for a while to let BJ experience the train & now we had the perfect excuse.  It was a nice little ride.  We go past the place often, but you know, you just don't do those tourist things so much when they are right on your doorstep.  So we have finally experienced the Don River Railway.  BJ loved it so much he wanted to go back today of course.  Or next week.  He doesn't mind when but I guess the sooner the better.  Maybe we will again before his birthday as he is still free!  

The carriage we were in was a cute old wooden thing.  Lovely little hi-lite windows at the top with etched glass.  Loved that bit.  The kids all had a great time, not just BJ.  But so did all the grown ups.  

 Cute little interiors
 Watching the steam engine back onto the carriages.  Fascinating stuff for little (& big) boys!

 Ice-creams all round...

Just to top it off nicely we went to the bestest ever chocolate factory around for after treat treats of icecream.  I did get a couple of chocolates to take home for later though.  Shhhh don't tell.  Oh I did give one to Stuart but it was treat for once the boys were in bed.  Love their chocolates.  Heaven...  now I must admit though that this is one tourist place I do know very, very well.  They do a great coffee, they do a great hot chocolate, they do great light meals & they do the bestest ever desserts.  (try the Orange Mousse Cake if you are there, but if I'm there too make sure you leave a piece for me!)  Oh & they also have a bit of factory viewing which wasn't in operation on a Sunday but I have seen them working there through the viewing window.  Quite interesting.  There are also plenty of samples to taste test which we did.  I was very lucky as they had my favourite hazelnut truffle in the taste containers this time.  What a lovely afternoon.  No doubt I will be there again soon, even if it is just for a take away coffee or hot chocolate as you get a piece of fudge & a truffle with each takeaway drink so worth the stop for sure!  

I have been there a few times over the last couple of months.  I am in a group on Ravelry that is made up of a few locals & this has become our meet up place for a couple of hours of knit & crochet time, with a coffee & cake of course!  (that is the point after all!  You thought the point was the knit & crochet time didn't you!)  Each time we have been there it has been packed with people.  It's always so busy on a weekend.  Anyway, I will leave you drooling over the thought of such yummy chocolate.  If you haven't been there before or tasted their stuff, you don't know what you are missing.  If you have been there & tried it, ha ha, you do know what you are missing!


Full Little Tummies said...

How fun!!! We had ice creams last week from Anzers. Such a lovely treat!

Bron said...

The little guy must have been in heaven with all that great "Boy stuff" and then ice creams!