13 January, 2012

Times They Are A-Changin'

Time is certainly moving along.  This little treasure is already 6 months old. That song "Times they are a-changin'" couldn't be more suitable for him as we named him for one of our favourite singers.  Every day brings with it new & exciting developments in his little life already, from almost sitting by himself, to eating like a pig.  In many ways he is like his big brother - to look at for one thing & how tall he is seemingly going to be.  In many ways he is different too. This boy likes food already.  It took a long time for the big boy to be interested in food.  DJ is on the move now, rolling about & wiggling from here to there, being determined to get hold of whatever he has set his sights on.  

Not much crafty time again these days but I did manage a new crochet square for the Ravelry crochet along I am taking part in.  I don't like it yet.  But I feel clever cos it wasn't easy.  The star is actuallly a separate piece attached on top.  So that was quite clever.  That was the easy part though.  Following on some of the rest of the Star Overlay rounds was a whole other story.  For now I have hidden both squares away so I don't have to look at them till next week & then maybe I will find a bit of love for them again.  

The very late evenings I have been getting in a bit of sewing time for a fun thing I had to make.  It is a toss up at night whether to sleep or sew.  I have had to take a little sewing time as I just won't be able to ever do it otherwise.  Sleep is over-rated right?  lol  
Seeya...  Oh cool, it's Friday again, have a great weekend!  


Taylor Made said...

How gorgeous is your little guy...he has the most beautiful blue eyes....

Sally said...

OMG! I LOVE that crochet block. Gorgeous!!!

... and your boys. So very handsome and yes so very alike. I'm in denial that DJ is already six months. No. It can't be. What the????