31 May, 2010

How cute is this?

I bought this Union Jack bunting a month ago or so. It didn't come like this. It came as a piece of fabric. I had to cut out the bias strips & penants & sew them. Finally I got around to it. They are hot off the sewing machine! I got them from Loopsies. I wish I had of bought 2 or 3 now. I love it! Can't beat some festive bunting! It is ready nicely in time for Queen Liz's birthday party in a couple of weeks! Jenny hasn't got any more of the Union Jack bunting in her etsy store but she has got a Swedish Dala Horse if you like that. She will have a maritime signal flag bunting in her etsy store soon too by the sound of this lastest blog post. It's pretty cute! But I really want more of the UJ one.

I was pleased to get that done today. Stuart was home again today for his second RDO. It's been about 15 years since he had them so we are enjoying it! Plus it was good to have him home the extra day as I have been full of cold. Always is a help to have an extra pair of hands to watch the kid when you feel crap. So I have enjoyed the 5 days of nothing on the calendar. It's been pretty much the last 4 at home doing home stuff & giving BJ a break from rushing around. He will have a full day tomorrow while I am at work all day. So Wednesday will be another home day I think as as he will be tired I expect. Also it's been good to have nothing on while I feel like crap. Yesterday was the worst. Today was better. Got housework done! Oh yay.... But then got to play with bunting! Yay!!! Nice quiet evening & an early night I think!

Have a great week!

29 May, 2010

It's all practice

Well I have got a bit of this done, though none of it yesterday while I was too busy playing with food. I'm funny really - I have the patience to sit down & try to perfect some sewing/knitting/crochet but when it came to the food stuff yesterday, it is very frustrating when it doesn't work out on the first try, or even the second. But not with the needle arts! I'm afraid to say that BJ has some of this trait already showing! lol

Needleturn isn't terribly easy though. I did the vase the other day. It's not centred well. Oh bum. My first couple of petals aren't very good either. I figure by the end of the 14th petal I should be better at it. I did consider then that I could take the first ones off, but I won't. It will be nice to see the way it evolves & if I actually get better at it!

The inside curves aren't so bad. Outside curves are hard! Class teacher picked a doozy of a design to teach us!

Pretty ordinary day here like most of the south of Aus today, so I might just have to go & sort out a bit of the craft cupboard. I may get a bit more of this done too. Like the wise men from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band once said, "It's All Practice!"

28 May, 2010

I'd better stick to the needle arts and crafts

I tried to be as clever as Bakerella. I am not. Nope, definitely not!

Check out her Cake Pops if you haven't seen her before. They are gorgeous. I thought "How hard can it be?". Well, to put it simply, it's very hard! Making cake & melting chocolate isn't hard. But combining the 2 & trying to get them on sticks, & to stay on the sticks as well, is a whole other matter. I have tried a couple of times. I didn't give up after just one go. No I thought about it & tried a couple of things differently this time. I did get the chocolate runny enough finally. After burning some too! lol Live & learn. If I could just get a simple round cake ball to stay on a stick & have the chocolate runny enough to go on I would be set. Well I did get that, but no it still wasn't working. I can't afford to keep testing this out. Financially or calorie cost! Having to eat leftovers of experiments gets a bit old. We aren't big cake eaters anyway, so it is a waste of time.

As if that wasn't enough I thought I would play around with royal icing too. Again, hard. There are some books out there with very artistic cookies in them. I will leave it to the experts & just make plain ones for at home. Less messy too!

Lessons learnt. Don't bother. Stick to what you know. Unless you have more patience than I do & some lessons maybe from an expert. I don't need more things to do though so it's all cool!

27 May, 2010

My Creative Space

I am finally cutting out my pieces for the needleturn applique piece. You can make out some pencil lines on the 3 fabrics so far. Maybe you can. The only thing I must remember when I take scissors in hand is to NOT cut on the lines! You know I will do it once at least I know! lol There is no shortage of fabric though so that isn't an issue. I think it is just automatic if you aren't really concentrating on it though that you will just cut on the line without a thought. I have just about finished stitching on my stalks. So then I can start on these pieces. The stems weren't too bad to stitch on as like I showed the other day, they were folded under already as are bias cuts. When I start on these pieces & have to start trying the turning of the seam allowance it is going to be quite different I think. I imagine it will feel rather clumsy & awkward for a time until I find my stitching groove. I hope to get quite a bit done in the next few days as the calendar is clear. Wow, how did that happen! Doesn't mean I won't be busy of course, but at least it looks like I can do some fun stuff. Oh & blocks too. Need to get cracking on some new sets.

For other interesting spaces today pop over here & have a nosey around at all the talented folk out there that do & huge variety of creative pursuits!

26 May, 2010

Finally Finished Fish

I finally finished my fish last night. Survivor final helped with that as I was home on time to watch the final & some of the reunion. It didn't take long really but I hadn't had a chance to do any of it for a few days! Now I will have to move on to the applique for a bit.

Last night my friend Karen & I went to a Cuppa Suppa at the local LQS. It was their version of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. It is held at night there to allow many of the regulars to attend & take advantage of the specials on the night & also enjoy a homemade supper & some fun things like Lucky Door prizes. I won one of those! Woohoo! The cup below & the cup wrap which is handmade of course with appliqued flowers. I love it. I was extra lucky as I got the first prize so I had the choice of the 3 wraps available. One of the ladies that works there made them all. The fabric are from Nancy Halverson & the pattern is also one of hers I believe from one of the Art to Heart books, but I don't have a clue which one. There are a lot of them. I nearly got a Christmas one but must not increase my ideas on things to make right now.

I was looking through the books last night & only bought a small embroidery one like my animals. Plus a street panel for a mini quilt/play mat for BJ. Ok, he doesn't need a play mat but it was a good deal & you need to buy something when it is such a good deal. It will be an easy sew though really. I will probably get one of the new Advent calendars some other time. I don't need one as I made one from there a couple of years ago but the new one is really cute. I'm sure someone I know would like it!

25 May, 2010

BJ just aged a few years!

It's amazing what difference a hair cut will make! This is the shaggy version! & I don't mean Elmo who is also strapped in the seat. lol

To this new child! Not that he takes the school bus anywhere yet either!

22 May, 2010

Needleturn Applique has begun

Not much to show yet of course. Just the stalk & a couple of stems. This bit I actually got done at class the other night. We got to cheat with our stems/stalks because they are cut on the bias. That makes them bend better of course. Since we are living in the 2000's we get to use fancy gadgets unlike the ladies of old who didn't have the luxury of items like a bias folder & 5mm fusible webbing! Hooray for gadgets! I am sure the classes are a ploy to make you buy groovy gadgets. Ok, I didn't buy a bias turner yet as they didn't have any left in stock that had the groove in it for the fusible webbing to go in at the same time. But I will. I did get a couple of other bits though. Like a thimble for this project. Umm... so far I haven't used it. Pity cos it really is a nice pretty one. The new silicone thimbles are the bees knees if you ask me. I did get a very cool glue stick though which I will use when I stick petals on. I haven't even traced or cut out the bits yet. I have got a bit more stitched down the stalk now however.

My problem though is that I can't do 2 things at once! Ekkk... it is a bit crazy I know. (some have loads on the go at once!) I have another one of my animal embroideries started. I will have to finish that first before I sit & commit to more time on the needleturn. I just can't leave that sitting half done. Sorry, but I can't. So the fish come first - I started it first so it is first. (& you thought it was the chicken or the egg didn't you? Actually I am saving the chickens until last as they are my favourite!) Only when fish are done, then this class project can continue. We have lots of homework to do before the next class in 2 weeks. Of course it won't matter if it doesn't all get done - It's not school! (fortunately no exams either! Phew)

20 May, 2010

My Creative Space

Ok, there isn't much to show really, but at least it isn't blocks this week.

This is a pile of bright fabric that I am using tonight in a class I am taking. I am going to learn Needleturn Applique. Why? Because I can!

I have moved away from the usual type of fabrics that people select for such a thing. The ones I have seen so far (at work) have chosen the usual patterned mixed bunch of fabrics. The design is going to be a flower vase with a long wavy stalk & three flowers on it. Lots of petals! Ekkkk.... So I should know what I am doing by the end. So stay tuned for updates on what the fabrics turn into. I think mine will be very unusual compared to most but at the moment brights are my thing.

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19 May, 2010

Owl and the Pussy Cat

I guess these animals are getting as boring to look at as my blocks were. But that is all that is going on right now really. Maybe tomorrow there will be something different!

16 May, 2010

The Zoo is growing

Thought I should add a decent pic of the flamingo that was hanging out with the blocks the other day. Also finished the Elephants & mice last night. They are quite cute little elephants. So that must be about 6 so far. That means 10 to go.

A busy day so far at Fell Funny Farm. For one thing, & I think this is rather important so have to say so, it is our 18th Wedding Anniversary! Wow! I think it is quite impressive. Makes me feel old really. Now I can hear people's minds working as Brandon is only nearly 2. Yeah we were slow to have him. I can't even say it is because I was too busy pursuing my career because I don't have one! hahahaha...

It was also the Million Paws Walk to support the RSPCA today so we all set off for the park in town where there was another huge turn out this year. Juneau was very well behaved. Unfortunately we didn't see any of her sisters. We heard one went to Rainbow Bridge in December which is sad as she wasn't even 4 yet. So after a nice walk in the park with alot of other people & dogs, (& a couple of horrid little ferrets which Juneau really wantedto get hold of!) we are doing a few things at home like raking leaves & cleaning cars. BJ is pretty horrid today so the less we do the better! (very long night last night! ) lol

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

13 May, 2010

My Creative Space

My space isn't changing much over the last couple of weeks. Very boring. But this week we have a little added extra in the flamingo that I had thrown on the table after taking him out of the hoop. For the rest there are just sets of blocks all over the table again. There were new ones added to my made it shop the other day. Check out the link on the right.

For more creative spaces out there in blogland, check out the links on Kootoyoo.

10 May, 2010

My very own Happy Feet

Ok, well penguins anyway. I finally got the penguins stitched. They took a few nights. Finally got the snow done yesterday when I had a little time free. They are pretty cute. Can probably still see the blue fabric marker on it though.

Last night I got the platypus done in the night. He was nice a simple after the penguins, so that was great! Interesting to have a platypus on something, as you sure don't see them often.

I hope all the mums had a nice day yesterday. I got a nice bunch of flowers on Saturday from BJ. Apparently you can't hide flowers very well! lol I will always picture him holding this bunch of flowers looking all pleased with himself & cute as can be!

07 May, 2010

My New Favourite Book

I saw this book in blogland somewhere last week. Don't know why but it appealed to me. So I ordered it from Fishpond.com.au here in Aussie. It arrived today. Wow! It is big for one thing. Bigger than A4 size. Only about 80 pages but it is the best book I have bought in a long time. Ok, I really bought it for BJ but I think Stu & I will get just as much enjoyment out of it. We did so far & I only got through about 6 pages. It is one of those books that there is so much to see that I think in 10 years time we will look at it & see something we had never noticed before. It really is awesome. It is going to be great for BJ though as he is starting to learn so many new things. He is very observant I think & this will be so much fun for us all. I love great books & I don't mind spending a bit on them if they are as good as this. I must add though that at fishpond this was really good value compared to other sites.

Also got a really cool Richard Scarry illustrated giant golden book called "Cars & Trucks & things that go". We already got our moneys worth from that one that is for sure. How to settle a horrible, over-tired kid? Put that book in front of them. Worked like magic. I will definitely keep an eye out for more of his books like that. They are really fun!

Ok, better go. Lots of pictures to look at!

06 May, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space this week is just my blocks again. There are 12 sets on the table I think. Some are for orders & some will go to my madeit shop. It's keeping me rather busy in between playgroup, work, normal stuff.

The pic below is one of my favourites. It's from the book "The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse". So cute. The illustrations in these books are so terrific for a childs imagination. BJ is nearly 2 & is starting to play with his toys like they are little people. You really wonder what goes through their heads but it is so fun seeing them pretend & imagining things. I really wonder what they make of all the animal stories out there that make animals seem to human.

Check out Kirsty for a bunch of other creative spaces. It's interesting to go browsing through these. There are so many talented people out there & in so many different creative ways.
Have a great day!

04 May, 2010

Some finishes

I am a bit slow to post my finished crochet bag from a few weeks ago. I kept forgetting to take a picture. It's in the lounge room full of wool & stuff so I would remember in the evening when I sit down to do something. It turned out to large for a handbag type bag so I left it as it is & lined it with a stiffener & the purple fabric. It's ok. I don't know how long it will stand up for, especially with a kid who likes to dive over the edge of the chairs into it! Anyway, that's the bag, loosely based on Lucy at Attic24's bag tute. Check her out in my side bar of blogs I follow. Even if you don't crochet or stuff, she has some lovely colourful pics on her blog & they are lovely to look at.

Next is my embroidery that I finally decided to do. I picked up this leaflet of All Creatures Great & Small a couple of years ago. I had been thinking about it a lot lately. Well I keep looking at it at work now & decided I would start some. I am telling myself I don't have to do the whole lot right now if I don't want to. I tell myself it is ok to do a couple & leave it for a little while & come back to them later on if I want to. Hmmm... not easy. I am not one to do that. I will have to finished the embroideries at least before I am happy. I do plan to make it into a quilt for BJ eventually but if I get the pictures done for now I will be pleased. There are 16 altogether. If you go to the link you can see all of them, but these are my first 2. I did the lion last week & finished the monkeys on Sunday. Started penguins last night.

They aren't hard but slower than I am used to with my cross stitch. I am not one to usually work with a hoop so that slows me down. Anyway, I shouldn't compare it with cross stitch as they are different so therefore I need to handle it differently & so there is my challenge. There really isn't much to it so far. Just back stitch, couple of french knots & running stitch. That's ok, it is good practice for my technique if I wish to develop it further. I am still trying to decide whether the interfacing on the back is necessary. Lion doesn't have any. Monkey does. I will probably do all the rest with it on just to hide thread shadow later because that is the only thing that I don't like to see. But on the whole when quilted I don't think it will matter.

So that's what I have been up to lately. Inbetween blocks of course. Stay tuned as there will be some terrifically cute sets coming to the shop.

On to something completely different - last night I declared Monday night our movie night as at the moment there is nothing on any of our 3.5 channels we want to watch. So we watched "The Boat That Rocked". It was good. We really enjoyed it. Bill Nighy is a hoot. Anything with him in it pretty much gets a thumbs up from us. I saw him on the cover & thought we will like this. We did. Very funny. Good fun. It's been an age since we have sat down & watched something all the way through like that. Next I want to watch Julie & Julia. That will probably be a few weeks away before I get half a chance but we live in hope for next Monday's movie night. We'll see if we can turn it into a regular thing. At least until someone does something about fixing out tv reception so I can watch all the other stuff I want to see.

01 May, 2010

Five Favs

Pip is back again with Five Favourites so I am going to add mine for the lack of anything better to post right now.
1. My dog Juneau - She is a Norwegian Elkhound & is just so good with BJ for one thing. But she is just so lovable & cuddly. She loves to be around us & enjoys the good days when we can all play together outside.

2. Burt's Bees Lip Balm - A must have this winter with that horrid wind that dries your lips out the instant you walk out the door. If you haven't tried it, then do. I found it at a pharmacy with all their other cool stuff. This is my favourite of the things in the sample set I bought.

3. Julie & Julia - Ok, I only got the dvd today & I haven't watched it yet but I am sure I will love it.

4. Amazing Race - The new season just started this week. I just watched it this afternoon. I really enjoy this show. Maybe it will annoy me much less than the current Heroes & Villans Survivor does!

5. Survivor - Heroes & Villans - Ok, as much as those dumb people annoy me, I still have to watch it. I don't watch much else as we only have a couple of channels we can see so some days I even have to watch this from waves or snow! Plus these shows are my only grown up shows these days as mostly the tv has kids stuff on it!

So there you go! Just on a side note though, a couple of sets of blocks are now back in my madeit shop too & hopefully in a few days there will be some more. Thanks to my kind & helpful block cutters once more! I would be in trouble without those people!