29 May, 2010

It's all practice

Well I have got a bit of this done, though none of it yesterday while I was too busy playing with food. I'm funny really - I have the patience to sit down & try to perfect some sewing/knitting/crochet but when it came to the food stuff yesterday, it is very frustrating when it doesn't work out on the first try, or even the second. But not with the needle arts! I'm afraid to say that BJ has some of this trait already showing! lol

Needleturn isn't terribly easy though. I did the vase the other day. It's not centred well. Oh bum. My first couple of petals aren't very good either. I figure by the end of the 14th petal I should be better at it. I did consider then that I could take the first ones off, but I won't. It will be nice to see the way it evolves & if I actually get better at it!

The inside curves aren't so bad. Outside curves are hard! Class teacher picked a doozy of a design to teach us!

Pretty ordinary day here like most of the south of Aus today, so I might just have to go & sort out a bit of the craft cupboard. I may get a bit more of this done too. Like the wise men from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band once said, "It's All Practice!"

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