31 May, 2010

How cute is this?

I bought this Union Jack bunting a month ago or so. It didn't come like this. It came as a piece of fabric. I had to cut out the bias strips & penants & sew them. Finally I got around to it. They are hot off the sewing machine! I got them from Loopsies. I wish I had of bought 2 or 3 now. I love it! Can't beat some festive bunting! It is ready nicely in time for Queen Liz's birthday party in a couple of weeks! Jenny hasn't got any more of the Union Jack bunting in her etsy store but she has got a Swedish Dala Horse if you like that. She will have a maritime signal flag bunting in her etsy store soon too by the sound of this lastest blog post. It's pretty cute! But I really want more of the UJ one.

I was pleased to get that done today. Stuart was home again today for his second RDO. It's been about 15 years since he had them so we are enjoying it! Plus it was good to have him home the extra day as I have been full of cold. Always is a help to have an extra pair of hands to watch the kid when you feel crap. So I have enjoyed the 5 days of nothing on the calendar. It's been pretty much the last 4 at home doing home stuff & giving BJ a break from rushing around. He will have a full day tomorrow while I am at work all day. So Wednesday will be another home day I think as as he will be tired I expect. Also it's been good to have nothing on while I feel like crap. Yesterday was the worst. Today was better. Got housework done! Oh yay.... But then got to play with bunting! Yay!!! Nice quiet evening & an early night I think!

Have a great week!

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Karen said...

So it was you that made me sick????!!!!! poor you.... at least we can feel super crappy together!! btw your UJ bunting is cool:-)
Hugs (from a distance)