22 May, 2010

Needleturn Applique has begun

Not much to show yet of course. Just the stalk & a couple of stems. This bit I actually got done at class the other night. We got to cheat with our stems/stalks because they are cut on the bias. That makes them bend better of course. Since we are living in the 2000's we get to use fancy gadgets unlike the ladies of old who didn't have the luxury of items like a bias folder & 5mm fusible webbing! Hooray for gadgets! I am sure the classes are a ploy to make you buy groovy gadgets. Ok, I didn't buy a bias turner yet as they didn't have any left in stock that had the groove in it for the fusible webbing to go in at the same time. But I will. I did get a couple of other bits though. Like a thimble for this project. Umm... so far I haven't used it. Pity cos it really is a nice pretty one. The new silicone thimbles are the bees knees if you ask me. I did get a very cool glue stick though which I will use when I stick petals on. I haven't even traced or cut out the bits yet. I have got a bit more stitched down the stalk now however.

My problem though is that I can't do 2 things at once! Ekkk... it is a bit crazy I know. (some have loads on the go at once!) I have another one of my animal embroideries started. I will have to finish that first before I sit & commit to more time on the needleturn. I just can't leave that sitting half done. Sorry, but I can't. So the fish come first - I started it first so it is first. (& you thought it was the chicken or the egg didn't you? Actually I am saving the chickens until last as they are my favourite!) Only when fish are done, then this class project can continue. We have lots of homework to do before the next class in 2 weeks. Of course it won't matter if it doesn't all get done - It's not school! (fortunately no exams either! Phew)


Ruby Star said...

how clever. i wondered how they got the fabric to bend without making it pucker. so when you wrote its cut on the bias it all makes sense now. cant wait to see what you create.

Full Little Tummies said...

You are a clever cookie. That is going to look fantastic with the bold fabric colours. :-)