28 May, 2010

I'd better stick to the needle arts and crafts

I tried to be as clever as Bakerella. I am not. Nope, definitely not!

Check out her Cake Pops if you haven't seen her before. They are gorgeous. I thought "How hard can it be?". Well, to put it simply, it's very hard! Making cake & melting chocolate isn't hard. But combining the 2 & trying to get them on sticks, & to stay on the sticks as well, is a whole other matter. I have tried a couple of times. I didn't give up after just one go. No I thought about it & tried a couple of things differently this time. I did get the chocolate runny enough finally. After burning some too! lol Live & learn. If I could just get a simple round cake ball to stay on a stick & have the chocolate runny enough to go on I would be set. Well I did get that, but no it still wasn't working. I can't afford to keep testing this out. Financially or calorie cost! Having to eat leftovers of experiments gets a bit old. We aren't big cake eaters anyway, so it is a waste of time.

As if that wasn't enough I thought I would play around with royal icing too. Again, hard. There are some books out there with very artistic cookies in them. I will leave it to the experts & just make plain ones for at home. Less messy too!

Lessons learnt. Don't bother. Stick to what you know. Unless you have more patience than I do & some lessons maybe from an expert. I don't need more things to do though so it's all cool!


Full Little Tummies said...

Sometimes you just have to try these things. No photos of your cake pops? :-)

Mandy said...

I don't have cake pops to take pics of. More like cake flops! Well you could see that one was a train! Sort of. A big blob of a train! Plus they are super sickly so they are going out... I don't think the worms could even eat them.