01 May, 2010

Five Favs

Pip is back again with Five Favourites so I am going to add mine for the lack of anything better to post right now.
1. My dog Juneau - She is a Norwegian Elkhound & is just so good with BJ for one thing. But she is just so lovable & cuddly. She loves to be around us & enjoys the good days when we can all play together outside.

2. Burt's Bees Lip Balm - A must have this winter with that horrid wind that dries your lips out the instant you walk out the door. If you haven't tried it, then do. I found it at a pharmacy with all their other cool stuff. This is my favourite of the things in the sample set I bought.

3. Julie & Julia - Ok, I only got the dvd today & I haven't watched it yet but I am sure I will love it.

4. Amazing Race - The new season just started this week. I just watched it this afternoon. I really enjoy this show. Maybe it will annoy me much less than the current Heroes & Villans Survivor does!

5. Survivor - Heroes & Villans - Ok, as much as those dumb people annoy me, I still have to watch it. I don't watch much else as we only have a couple of channels we can see so some days I even have to watch this from waves or snow! Plus these shows are my only grown up shows these days as mostly the tv has kids stuff on it!

So there you go! Just on a side note though, a couple of sets of blocks are now back in my madeit shop too & hopefully in a few days there will be some more. Thanks to my kind & helpful block cutters once more! I would be in trouble without those people!


hester said...

Hi Mandy - thanks for popping in to my blog to say hi. Love your dog!

Martta said...

Hi Mandy!

Your dog Juneau is super adorable!

Never tried Burt's Bees lip balms, but couldn't live with out their lemon balm cuticle cream!