16 May, 2010

The Zoo is growing

Thought I should add a decent pic of the flamingo that was hanging out with the blocks the other day. Also finished the Elephants & mice last night. They are quite cute little elephants. So that must be about 6 so far. That means 10 to go.

A busy day so far at Fell Funny Farm. For one thing, & I think this is rather important so have to say so, it is our 18th Wedding Anniversary! Wow! I think it is quite impressive. Makes me feel old really. Now I can hear people's minds working as Brandon is only nearly 2. Yeah we were slow to have him. I can't even say it is because I was too busy pursuing my career because I don't have one! hahahaha...

It was also the Million Paws Walk to support the RSPCA today so we all set off for the park in town where there was another huge turn out this year. Juneau was very well behaved. Unfortunately we didn't see any of her sisters. We heard one went to Rainbow Bridge in December which is sad as she wasn't even 4 yet. So after a nice walk in the park with alot of other people & dogs, (& a couple of horrid little ferrets which Juneau really wantedto get hold of!) we are doing a few things at home like raking leaves & cleaning cars. BJ is pretty horrid today so the less we do the better! (very long night last night! ) lol

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!


Karen said...

Cool stitching Mandy!! Can't wait to see it all finished:-) and WOW 18 years!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and Stu.....

Sally said...

Congratulations on 18yrs! BRAVO.

... and I can't wait to see all these animals together. They are so beautiful Mandy. Uber ace!!!

lynne50moss said...

Congrats to you both on 18 yrs Mandy.
Should read more often then I would be in the loop. Let's hope Brandon sleeps well tonight, then you will too!