10 May, 2010

My very own Happy Feet

Ok, well penguins anyway. I finally got the penguins stitched. They took a few nights. Finally got the snow done yesterday when I had a little time free. They are pretty cute. Can probably still see the blue fabric marker on it though.

Last night I got the platypus done in the night. He was nice a simple after the penguins, so that was great! Interesting to have a platypus on something, as you sure don't see them often.

I hope all the mums had a nice day yesterday. I got a nice bunch of flowers on Saturday from BJ. Apparently you can't hide flowers very well! lol I will always picture him holding this bunch of flowers looking all pleased with himself & cute as can be!


Sally said...

Uber ace Mandy.
What are you doing all this stitching for? A quilt? Have I read why already and now forgotten?
What ever they're for they're 100% ace. No doubt about it.

CindyCB said...

I LOVE the platypus! He's fabulous! CindyCB :)