07 May, 2010

My New Favourite Book

I saw this book in blogland somewhere last week. Don't know why but it appealed to me. So I ordered it from Fishpond.com.au here in Aussie. It arrived today. Wow! It is big for one thing. Bigger than A4 size. Only about 80 pages but it is the best book I have bought in a long time. Ok, I really bought it for BJ but I think Stu & I will get just as much enjoyment out of it. We did so far & I only got through about 6 pages. It is one of those books that there is so much to see that I think in 10 years time we will look at it & see something we had never noticed before. It really is awesome. It is going to be great for BJ though as he is starting to learn so many new things. He is very observant I think & this will be so much fun for us all. I love great books & I don't mind spending a bit on them if they are as good as this. I must add though that at fishpond this was really good value compared to other sites.

Also got a really cool Richard Scarry illustrated giant golden book called "Cars & Trucks & things that go". We already got our moneys worth from that one that is for sure. How to settle a horrible, over-tired kid? Put that book in front of them. Worked like magic. I will definitely keep an eye out for more of his books like that. They are really fun!

Ok, better go. Lots of pictures to look at!

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Ruby Star said...

gotta love a book that keeps the kids entertained for ages. this looks like a beauty. I want to check it out now too!