27 May, 2010

My Creative Space

I am finally cutting out my pieces for the needleturn applique piece. You can make out some pencil lines on the 3 fabrics so far. Maybe you can. The only thing I must remember when I take scissors in hand is to NOT cut on the lines! You know I will do it once at least I know! lol There is no shortage of fabric though so that isn't an issue. I think it is just automatic if you aren't really concentrating on it though that you will just cut on the line without a thought. I have just about finished stitching on my stalks. So then I can start on these pieces. The stems weren't too bad to stitch on as like I showed the other day, they were folded under already as are bias cuts. When I start on these pieces & have to start trying the turning of the seam allowance it is going to be quite different I think. I imagine it will feel rather clumsy & awkward for a time until I find my stitching groove. I hope to get quite a bit done in the next few days as the calendar is clear. Wow, how did that happen! Doesn't mean I won't be busy of course, but at least it looks like I can do some fun stuff. Oh & blocks too. Need to get cracking on some new sets.

For other interesting spaces today pop over here & have a nosey around at all the talented folk out there that do & huge variety of creative pursuits!


Anonymous said...

Wow I love the stuff you make,especially your embroidery.

michelle said...

hate it when scissors go on auto pilot. enjoy the project