04 May, 2010

Some finishes

I am a bit slow to post my finished crochet bag from a few weeks ago. I kept forgetting to take a picture. It's in the lounge room full of wool & stuff so I would remember in the evening when I sit down to do something. It turned out to large for a handbag type bag so I left it as it is & lined it with a stiffener & the purple fabric. It's ok. I don't know how long it will stand up for, especially with a kid who likes to dive over the edge of the chairs into it! Anyway, that's the bag, loosely based on Lucy at Attic24's bag tute. Check her out in my side bar of blogs I follow. Even if you don't crochet or stuff, she has some lovely colourful pics on her blog & they are lovely to look at.

Next is my embroidery that I finally decided to do. I picked up this leaflet of All Creatures Great & Small a couple of years ago. I had been thinking about it a lot lately. Well I keep looking at it at work now & decided I would start some. I am telling myself I don't have to do the whole lot right now if I don't want to. I tell myself it is ok to do a couple & leave it for a little while & come back to them later on if I want to. Hmmm... not easy. I am not one to do that. I will have to finished the embroideries at least before I am happy. I do plan to make it into a quilt for BJ eventually but if I get the pictures done for now I will be pleased. There are 16 altogether. If you go to the link you can see all of them, but these are my first 2. I did the lion last week & finished the monkeys on Sunday. Started penguins last night.

They aren't hard but slower than I am used to with my cross stitch. I am not one to usually work with a hoop so that slows me down. Anyway, I shouldn't compare it with cross stitch as they are different so therefore I need to handle it differently & so there is my challenge. There really isn't much to it so far. Just back stitch, couple of french knots & running stitch. That's ok, it is good practice for my technique if I wish to develop it further. I am still trying to decide whether the interfacing on the back is necessary. Lion doesn't have any. Monkey does. I will probably do all the rest with it on just to hide thread shadow later because that is the only thing that I don't like to see. But on the whole when quilted I don't think it will matter.

So that's what I have been up to lately. Inbetween blocks of course. Stay tuned as there will be some terrifically cute sets coming to the shop.

On to something completely different - last night I declared Monday night our movie night as at the moment there is nothing on any of our 3.5 channels we want to watch. So we watched "The Boat That Rocked". It was good. We really enjoyed it. Bill Nighy is a hoot. Anything with him in it pretty much gets a thumbs up from us. I saw him on the cover & thought we will like this. We did. Very funny. Good fun. It's been an age since we have sat down & watched something all the way through like that. Next I want to watch Julie & Julia. That will probably be a few weeks away before I get half a chance but we live in hope for next Monday's movie night. We'll see if we can turn it into a regular thing. At least until someone does something about fixing out tv reception so I can watch all the other stuff I want to see.


Sally said...

That bag is so awesome... I'd jump in it too if I could.
Lovely stitching also. You're super talented.

creative kate said...

Mandy that bag is fantastic and would be perfect for wool, I just love the colours :)