29 January, 2017

Last Set Of Squares

Another cool square that Stuart stitched.  

28 January, 2017

More Charity

This one was a theme of Australia.  My square is the May Gibbs koalas & ended up as a pillow!

Another with a picture of the finished quilt.

27 January, 2017

Charity Stitching

This girl named Courtney got 3 of my squares.  Her theme was obviously Angels.

Butterflies was a common theme.   This pattern was really effective & pretty in all different colour ways.

26 January, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Fascinating things to see in our own area.
  • Beautiful weather for exploring.
  • Beaut weather to enjoy the last weeks of holidays.
  • Lovely days not having to rush about anywhere.
  • The start of the homegrown summer vegies.

Australia Day 2017

We visited caves today that aren't far from home.  Quite impressive when you think of a place with all these amazing features 50 meters underground.  The boys enjoyed it.  So did Stuart & I too actually.  Neither of us had been there since we were children so it was quite something to be back now with our own I guess.  

25 January, 2017

A Long Time Ago

I used to do a lot of stitching...  cross stitch.

I did a lot for myself & family but I did a lot for a couple of different charities that were pretty special at the time.  The idea was to stitch a square of a design following a theme that a child (or the family) had chosen.  These children were all sick.  Most of them terminally.  It was great to be a part of.  Stuart even stitched a few squares for them at the time.  We also had the opportunity to deliver a couple of completed quilts to children from this area which was amazing.

I used to have all my pictures stored online but that place shut down & all my pictures went poof!  I have come by one of the organisations again through social media that never existed like this back then.  Gee, it would have made a difference back in the early 2000's to have used that to organise something as massive as it turned into.

Anyway, having retrieved a few of my pictures & a few of the finished quilts to go with them with the children that received them, I am going to post the pictures on here for you to see.  It was quite something to be a part of back then.  Maybe if I do some stitching again a little more down the track I might do a few more again.  I still have fabric squares sitting here made to measure.  So humour me & put up with an influx of squares over the next few days won't you?

These were the start of my squares.  Quite sentimental these ones.

For some reason I did 4 squares for this next girl.  

A couple of single squares to go on a couple more.  I did enjoy the alphabet one.  Not very often a child would pick the alphabet as a theme.  

This cool elephant is one that Stuart did.  We remember him well.  He was quite a special piece.

It's sad that these children were all terminal with this illness Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  (SMA)  Hopefully this brightened their days a little all those years ago.

22 January, 2017

Bit Of This

And a bit of that...

19 January, 2017

Thursday Thanks

dragonflies are hard to photograph!

  • Catching up with my cousins.
  • Cousins with children whom my children can call cousins!
  • I love that my cousins WANT to see me when they come over even though they have heaps of things that they can be doing in such a short time.
  • Fun days with the boys on holidays.
  • Sleep ins...
  • Great days at work.
  • Grandparents that love to babysit the boys for us.
  • Not having heatwaves like the mainland are.
  • Baby news for important people.
  • Boys eager to read.

18 January, 2017

Enjoying Ourselves

We've been keeping quite busy.  We have had quite a few of my relatives about since Christmas so it has been nice to catch up with so many of them.  The boys particularly love having all these people they can call "cousins".  

Today however, we got to spend just the 3 of us, out & about enjoying this fabulous place we live.  A few treats thrown in & a couple of parks to play in & they were pretty happy & of course tired when we got home.  Who are those boys that got out of the car, as they sure weren't the ones I had spent a lovely day with!  lol  

15 January, 2017

Taking Stock - January

Making :  shorts for the boys.
Cooking :  not much...  it's too hot.  
Drinking :  iced tea, water & hydralyte!
Reading:  All the Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr
Trawling:  through sewing information which is interesting
Wanting:  to figure out how that overlocker works.
Looking:  at embroidery references.
Deciding:  what things to work on first.
Wishing:  I could just get in & do all the jobs I want to do without much hassle!
Enjoying: holiday time
Waiting:  for the wind to go away...  it's just been getting very windy this summer.
Liking:  my new memory foam pillow.
Wondering:  what series I can binge watch next.
Loving:  the holidays more than I could imagine, even if it does get so tiring too!  lol
Pondering:  where I can put the boy's school file boxes so I can access them easily any time. 
Listening:  to the boys make their own pokemon cards & play games with them!
Considering:  which jobs to tackle first.
Buying:  as little as possible now!  Over buying stuff for the boys right now!  lol
Watching:  Season 2 of Outlander
Hoping: for some super busy days at work.
Cringing: at how many pairs of shorts I have had to put out this summer.
Needing:  new shorts that fit or has a zip that doesn't go down by itself!
Disliking:  the idea of no Outlander to watch soon when it's ended.  
Feeling: this cool massage machine on my back when I want.  
Hearing:  the wind...  so very windy lately.

14 January, 2017

Pool & Camp Socks

These socks have progressed well.  A couple of visits to the local pool with the boys, where I can't go in the water with them & that's a socks worth of knitting there.  A few days camping & there's more done.

Some of my favourite wool too - Roam Fusion.  This is just beautiful on your feet in winter.  The colours remind me of Smarties.  lol

13 January, 2017


I managed to knock this penguin up after I finished the others.  This is mostly beads so was a quick make while tea was in the oven.  Again, it's another of the older designs so is very simple.  They look nice though with the elaborate designs from now.