04 January, 2017

Camping - 1

It was nice to return for a few days to what is a favourite place.  Not that the boys know much different but they have wanted to go back here all year.  So we did.  We love it.  

Our on-site van - perfect!

Games together - our favourite card game Sleeping Queens.

The boys made friends quickly.  BJ got to have a go of another boys remote control car.

We brought the bikes again plus one for us & we did have a bit of a ride around the park.

The bouncy pillow is the favourite of DJ's.  They both spent a lot of time on here & got incredibly dirty in doing so!  lol 

My favourite friends were there too.  Though this year they weren't wandering quite so far as previously.  It wasn't as dry this time so they didn't need the water at the water tank I guess.  They stayed back out of the way.  They ground was still noticeably wet underneath & some of the tent camp area was cordoned off so cars couldn't get bogged in it.  Although it looked OK.  We did notice it riding around the park on the bikes over the grass.  It made it slow & harder going.  

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a relaxing holiday and nice to see one of your favourite friends.