09 January, 2017


We finally had a chance to do our tie-dye shirts.  We were going to last holidays but it was never dry enough for such an activity.  I have had the shirts for a while.  Do you know how hard it is to get plain white shirts for boys?  Impossible!  So umm...  they are girl ones but don't tell them!  They are also too big for them as the smallest I could find was an 8.  So umm...  it's way too big for BJ let alone DJ.  

I had a go too.  I decided to use a shirt that I had stained a bit.  Well, after 15 mins in the dryer to heat set, mine is now rather too small for my liking.  Pity the boy's shirts didn't shrink too like that in the dryer!  

We had fun all the same.  Lucky I didn't heat set DJ.  He had almost as much on him as his shirt in the end!  

DJ & I did the scrunch method.  BJ did the tie the rubber band on in clumps method.  His looks really good!  DJ's suits him too, messy!  lol

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely craft to learn but a shame that you couldn't get shirts to fit them now, yet it is quite an achievement.