18 January, 2017

Enjoying Ourselves

We've been keeping quite busy.  We have had quite a few of my relatives about since Christmas so it has been nice to catch up with so many of them.  The boys particularly love having all these people they can call "cousins".  

Today however, we got to spend just the 3 of us, out & about enjoying this fabulous place we live.  A few treats thrown in & a couple of parks to play in & they were pretty happy & of course tired when we got home.  Who are those boys that got out of the car, as they sure weren't the ones I had spent a lovely day with!  lol  


Anonymous said...

How lovely for the boys to spend time with cousins they see very often. But SO relaxing to just have a nice quite day on there own.

Anonymous said...

With cousins they don't see very often. (it should have been)