15 January, 2017

Taking Stock - January

Making :  shorts for the boys.
Cooking :  not much...  it's too hot.  
Drinking :  iced tea, water & hydralyte!
Reading:  All the Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr
Trawling:  through sewing information which is interesting
Wanting:  to figure out how that overlocker works.
Looking:  at embroidery references.
Deciding:  what things to work on first.
Wishing:  I could just get in & do all the jobs I want to do without much hassle!
Enjoying: holiday time
Waiting:  for the wind to go away...  it's just been getting very windy this summer.
Liking:  my new memory foam pillow.
Wondering:  what series I can binge watch next.
Loving:  the holidays more than I could imagine, even if it does get so tiring too!  lol
Pondering:  where I can put the boy's school file boxes so I can access them easily any time. 
Listening:  to the boys make their own pokemon cards & play games with them!
Considering:  which jobs to tackle first.
Buying:  as little as possible now!  Over buying stuff for the boys right now!  lol
Watching:  Season 2 of Outlander
Hoping: for some super busy days at work.
Cringing: at how many pairs of shorts I have had to put out this summer.
Needing:  new shorts that fit or has a zip that doesn't go down by itself!
Disliking:  the idea of no Outlander to watch soon when it's ended.  
Feeling: this cool massage machine on my back when I want.  
Hearing:  the wind...  so very windy lately.

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Anonymous said...

A good start to the New Year. Lovely to relax and enjoy the holidays and the rest from school activities.