01 January, 2017

New Year, New Pants

I finally got to Spotlight to hunt for Pokemon fabric yesterday.  There's a sale on fabric so I had to try.  So I came home with a bit more than just the Pokemon fabric I did find.  So took to the short pattern I had used previously.  Had to upsize the pattern since they are getting bigger.  Started off measuring on BJ.  But well, the size 3 fit him all around quite well except in the crotch.  So DJ scored on the first pair.

The second pair then I added 1.5 inches to the top.  I dug a fat quarter out of my stash that would work so we had a bit of variety in case DJ ended up with all of them.  Mini dinosaurs it was.  I even added the pockets as that used up pretty much most of the fat quarter then!  Yay for using stash!  Ok, these fit better.  Yay!

So on to the Pokemon fabric.  No cuffs on this one so just add to the top, add some to the bottom to count in the cuffs & voila, another pair of pants.  I think he will end up wearing these as pyjama pants though.  He actually said when I gave them to him that they look like pjs.  OK, so you can wear them for what you prefer.  At least he has his Pokemon fabric in something.

So, he's wearing those as pjs & I have to make some like the dinos but using the pokemon & in reverse!  Thank goodness for that black homespun!  You know those first 2 pairs of shorts wouldn't have cost me more than $3 a pair!  Bargain!  & they fit them too!

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