11 January, 2017

Craft Time

So when that guy turned up last month, what's his name? ...  Claus... something like that, he left BJ a book of Pokemon Felties.  It's quite cool.  Has a lot of patterns to make your own felt pokemon creatures plus the supplies to make your first one, the little yellow guy Picachu.  Or is it a girl?  

Anyway, whatever it is..   we got started today.  I helped him with the cutting out.  Felt isn't nice to cut at the best of times.  Then we copied the lines onto the front piece & started the embroidery bits of the features for Picachu.  BJ got into it & did quite a good job for about an hour.  I did one from my felt supply at the same time but I haven't gone any further ahead so we can do each step together.  He is certainly eager to get it done but realises now it isn't going to happen in a few hours.  Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Ít's so lovely to see BJ enjoying making all these crafts and to see the patience he has doing them and you showing him at the same time.