07 January, 2017

Camping - Seahorse World

We had a lovely visit to Seahorse World.  It's actually a "farm" where they breed them.  Very interesting to see them at different stages.  Very interesting to hear about them.  They are odd little things.  

These were only about a day old.  Tiny black wormy looking things.

These were also in the "nursery" area.  Loads of them, all tangled up & just funny to watch.

They listened well to the guide.

There were some things we could touch.  DJ held a starfish, but wouldn't go for the crab or seahorse!  Very excited to hold a seahorse myself!  Weird little things!

This is a Sea Dragon.  Kind of like a hairier seahorse!  lol

It's a wonder there aren't more seahorse deaths.  They grab hold of each other all the time.  They just tangle themselves up in each other.  Was funny watching them try to free themselves.  But I guess it is just a constant thing for them & their tails!  

A very enjoyable & interesting visit.

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Anonymous said...

Very educational. Didn't know Tasmania had features like that. You were all fortunate to find out about it.