31 December, 2009

A Memorable Christmas!

It was a lovely morning with a happy child enjoying some tractors, a tonka truck & a Thomas Tank Engine train track. Can't be much better than that! He was spoilt then by Grandparents & other relatives. Lunch was at Gran & Grandad's place. We had a lovely Christmas dinner. Unfortunately we didn't get dessert for another 2 days!

BJ got burnt. He walked on a bit of sheet metal that was hot from the sun. He got burnt. (sorry to family members that might read this & hear this news here first). We went to emergency at the hospital. We were there for a couple of hours while they decided what to do with us. Whether to send us to Hobart hospital or stay there. We ended up staying there. We were told we would have to go to the Burns Unit & Hobart Hospital on Tuesday though & that we would probably be there until then. It was a pretty odd evening I guess. But BJ slept well all night thank goodness. I thought I would be up all night with him screaming in pain. That was the worst bit. But during the night he didn't. He just woke, I gave him his bottle like he normally has & he conked out. So that was good. They told us Boxing Day that we could go home that day. What a relief. I think it was because he had gone the night without pain relief. We were only there so they could give him that in the first place.

Here's BJ with his "special socks" on on Boxing Day.

He was good once we were home for a few hours. Adjusting to being home. Adjusting to being carried everywhere. Adjusting to special socks.

Sunday he was zoming around the place. Can't keep him still. He soon figured out he must crawl. Monday he was walking!

Tuesday to Hobart. Dressing changed. Feet healing quite well. Today he is already walking on them again. Yesterday he tried a couple of times, but very gingerly would left the worst foot up again. We go today for dressings changed at the doctor locally (thank goodness as they could have made us go to Hobart again for that). But we go to Hobart again on Monday. Praying hard that the healing as gone as it should to avoid skin grafts!!!

Anyway, Happy New Year to all my friends & family out there. Hopefully it is a happy & exciting time for all.

Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have a vision now and then
Of a world where every neighbour is a friend
Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have our hopes, our will to try
If we don't we might as well lay down and die
You and I
Happy New Year - ABBA

20 December, 2009

Santa Claus Came to Town!

& here's the proof. Sleigh must have been in for repairs cos they used the fire truck & he was walking a bit too!

Every year on the Sunday before Christmas the local country fire brigade comes by in the morning for the kids. The truck is decorated. Santa has things to give all the kids in the neighbourhood.

BJ isn't really happy about the whole scary Santa thing. But he was happy to accept a gift offered by the jolly old fellow!

& then make a run for it with the loot! Ever so proud.

Lucky we remembered on time, otherwise I would have been out there in my pj's. We hear the sirens long before & finally it clicked that it is the Sunday before Christmas! It seems to early! But of course, this time next week it is all over & even Boxing Day is done! Except for the Boxing Day holiday on Monday isn't it???

Last night we had a Christmas party with the kids from our mum's group. BJ got a present there too & he actually opened it. First one he ever opened. He got a huge drawing pad. Big pretty white pages to destroy with the accompanying crayons! Ahhhh... bliss. Heck I would love to attack those pretty white pages myself! Nothing like a nice clean, shiney, new pad of paper.

So the Christmas parties are in full swing. We have our second Christmas dinner tonight. Here again with some family that aren't here at Christmas. Nothing like stretching it out!

Have a great day.

You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry,
You'd better not pout, I'm telling you why,
Santa Claus is coming to town.

17 December, 2009

Star Garlands

As you can see, I have been having fun doing more stars. These have been great no brainers to sit at the shop & do or of a night in my few moments of time I can sit. They are easy to put down & pick back up again, with the many interruptions I get from either BJ, mum or customers, depending where I am. I started off the other day on the plain coloured ones & then jumped into the 3 colours & then some in 2 colours. I like them all. I don't think I have a favourite. But these 2 garlands will be Christmas gifts I expect. I am going to keep the plain ones that I started on myself. They were my first stars so I will keep them. The 3 in red I posted the other day & then they multiplied & there are a bunch of white & green ones now.

I was rapt to pick up more of the yarn from K-mart on the weekend. Stu got some on Saturday & discovered it was only $1 a ball now so I invaded again on Sunday. I have to go there again today so I will check to see what is still there. I think it will be nice yarn to make a ripple quilt/blanket. I am going to make one of those next year I decided. I was looking at the instructions yesterday over at Lucy's great blog. Hers is very pretty & I glanced over the instructions but really don't have the time to start something else right now, so I was very good & didn't. Plus it isn't good trying to learn something new with a head cold as I discovered yesterday attempting to finish off a couple of other things. Suddenly things become quite hard!

Hopefully this cold gets better though quickly. We have a wedding tomorrow that I can't miss for being sick! Won't let it happen! I did get some cold & flu tablets the other day. I had been a long time since I bought those. Do you know how difficult it is to buy something as simple like that? & when you are standing there feeling like crap you really don't give a toss about the reasoning behind it all & I just felt like saying "Look can I buy some or not?". I was allowed to eventually but only once I produced my drivers license so they could record the fact that I have bought them & they can monitor how many packets I buy so I don't go & make my own little drug stash. Ok, one can understand the reasoning behind it but when you are not well you really don't care. Just get on with it I say! lol

Well that turned into a little bit of a change from star garlands. Hahahaha... But I feel worse today than yesterday. Must be the late night after a bridal shower last night, for tomorrows bride. Cousin Minka is getting married! We are going for a lakeside wedding at Cradle Mountain so it should be very picturesque! No doubt it will be even more so with rain & snow I bet! Lovely in pretty clothes & high heels! It will be quite a sight I expect in more ways than one!

There probably won't be much activity here for the next few days with Christmas festivities following the wedding over the weekend. Not to mention cleaning & packing which is an ongoing thing in between everything else. I had better go & find some of that to do now while I have a spare couple of hours.

Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.
Vincent - Don McLean

12 December, 2009

My Place and Yours - Five Minutes Peace

Back once more for the My Place & Yours meme thanks to our hostess Pip. This week the theme of "Five minutes of Peace" came from Pilgrim. She wondered where our home sanctuary is, or where we retreat for five minutes of sanity! Is there such a thing?

Well I decided I had to reuse this picture of my desk/computer. (reused from the previous meme about where we compute!) No point taking a new picture as we are moving & stuff is everywhere so it is even more messy than this! Currently I get up between 6-7am. Usually Stu has already gone to work & so I grab a cuppa & some blogs to read & will sit for half an hour if I possibly can, until BJ is awake. His timing changes a lot day to day so I may get lucky like on Thursday when he slept until 9.30am & we didn't have to have rushed out the door to work. Wow, that was a bonus! But other days, like Friday he is awake at 6am as well! You just never can tell. So I feel very lucky to get a nice peaceful half hour start to my day. What a great start it is with a good cuppa in hand & some good inspirational crafty blogs to read. It makes for a busy day usually as there are so many ideas running around in my head that I have to get out there & do a lot! I am sure the days when I get that good half hour in I actually do get more done in the day than if I don't! But the more you read the more crafty ideas you come across & the more things you really must try! lol

Computer One,
Where did she run?
Computer One.
Computer One - Dear Enemy

11 December, 2009

Just sitting here playing & buying! As you do!

I have been wanting to try these stars for a while now. But I am one of these people that doesn't like to start something else while I am doing something. So while I am making granny squares, I prefer to just keep going with that project - in crochet. That doesn't mean I can't do some blocks, cross stitch, felt stuff, or whatever else I have been doing lately. But today, feeling a bit of a need of a change & a rest I remembered to take some red cotton/acrylic with me. This is the yarn I was using earlier in the year for BJ's knitted toys. I recently got some at Kmart on clearance for $1.50 a ball which I was very excited about. I really would like to go back & see if there is any left. Anyway, I just spent an hour & a bit making these 3 stars. The easy to follow tutorial is here at The Royal Sisters. It surprised me at how quickly they worked up. These 3 are all different too. I experimented on each. First with one sized hook. Then I thought that wasn't so nice so went down half a size. Much better but there was a second option on the tute for the third round so on the third start I did that option & it came out looking much better. A nice flat pointy star. I am impressed that I made these! lol Thanks to the Royal Sisters for the great tute. Next stop will be the Heart tute & then the Christmas Tree tute. Go & look! You know you want to!!!

I'm right aren't I? They are cute huh? I know you looked!

We've also been talking this morning about Russian Dolls/Babushkas/Matroyskas. I mentioned these measuring cups. We decided they would make a great kitchen tea gift. That is if they are here on time. Either way, I went on line to find some. Was a bit difficult as apparently they were featured on the Today Show the other day so everyone was sold out. I found one site had 2 sets left & bought them on the spot. Actually I know they are already posted too since the shop person phoned me. She told me that 5 minutes later someone else tried to buy the 2 listed but she had to disappoint that lady because I got them! Woohoo! Ok, one set for kitchen tea & one set for me!

Are they cute or what! They split in half for the measuring cups. So 6 different sizes. I had seen them in a couple of magazines recently & really thought them cute. Perfect excuse to get them now!

Just about the weekend again. It will be a busy one although I don't think with this freezing weather we suddenly have, we will be taking BJ to the Christmas Parade in town. Fine with me! Happy weekend!

Everybody's working for the weekend
Everybody wants a little romance
Everybody's goin' off the deep end
Everybody needs a second chance, oh
You want a piece of my heart
You better start from start
You wanna be in the show
Come on baby lets go
Everybody's working for the Weekend - Loverboy

08 December, 2009

Hip To Be Square

Granny squares to date, with all the ends sewn in - thanks Mum! Ok, I did fob the job off to her but it is good for her to keep herself a bit busy with a little crafty stuff while she isn't mobile still. All the same, I don't think it will look too bad when it is eventually all in one piece! I am tempted to start putting them together already but am not going to even look at learning that right now. I have more than enough going on at the moment so don't want to add to it. At least the squares are progressing. I have another 5 or 6 done now too!

I know that it's crazy
I know that it's nowhere
But there is no denying that
It's hip to be square
Hip To Be Square - Huey Lewis & the News

07 December, 2009

My Place and Yours - Wherever I Lay My Hat

Oh wow, these Theme Queens for the memes are coming up with some beauties really! They seem to be getting quite difficult. I have been pondering the current theme all weekend.

You remember the drill! Myrtle & Eunice picked this weeks theme. Check out her blog for more info on the theme but briefly Tania said ...

"What are the treasures in your house that signify ‘home’? Is there anything that reminds you of a childhood, a life overseas, a loved one? Is there a blanket you always curl under, a teapot that brews the perfect cuppa? Do you have a ‘Droopy Dog’ like that one above – a twelfth birthday present who fits perfectly in the crook of a sleeping kid’s arm and who may or may not have ventured to Europe in a backpack, ahem, three times? "

Well one I did think of was my address book, & although it is cute, I figure an address book is an address book! I think when we move in a month, that will really make me think about what my "HAT" is.

I decided my main thing would have to be Juneau our dog. If we moved overseas ever, she would have to come. I couldn't leave her here that is for sure. For all the hassle to take her I would do it without a second thought. She is my furry kid & I won't leave the non-furry kid behind so why would I leave the furry one behind. Nah-uh, aint gonna happen! But I'm not moving anywhere but down the road! lol

hmmm.... anything you can do...

I can do better!

I have just now decided that I really need to add my copper pots & stuff. These things were handmade at my Opa's (grandfather) business. It was a small family business that created handcrafted copperware. It was huge in the 80's, not so huge in the 90's anymore when unfortunately we had to see it close. Opa started it off himself in the backyard & it soon turned into something that all the tourists were stopping to see. The coaches doing a tour of the state would stop in. At times there would be 3 or 4 coaches outside all at once. (many of you may have had relies that came home with a little piece of our stuff!) The coach touring industry dropped off a lot in favour for hire cars & although the car tourists also stopped it wasn't quite enough in the end! Oh well, all good things must come to an end. I used to work all my school holidays there. I got my first pay packet there at about 7 or 8 years old! lol Slave labour I know! But right until I was 16 I worked there in my school holidays. After I left school I actually ended up working there full time & did so for 10 years! That's long! I used to also hand beat, weld, grind, press.

I have a few of the pieces left but mostly they are packed up in the roof. These are the last few things I have around the house due to lack of space. The big jug is one Opa made, as is the cow bell. The second pic is a hanging basket that he didn't make, but you may be able to see the little dots on it which is the hand beaten dots. The 2 jugs are also handbeaten but in long lines rather than the dots. The last pic is another put thing that Opa made. It is a good size for a planter. Although I don't have them all out I don't think I would ever part with them as they really are a part of who I am I guess & my family history. As a kid we spent many a day at Opa & Oma's. I wish I had a pic of him to put on here, but I don't have a scanner to include one. Oh well, maybe another time...

So there you have it. Not very interesting really. Not like some of the other things that people have! It's really fun reading these others to see what people treasure! Check them out over at Pip's place again! Make sure you grab a cuppa as you will be there a while! Oh & while there, watch Bert & Ernie too, just for old times sake! Hehehehehehehe....

Feels like home to me, feels like home to me,
Feels like I'm on my way back where I come from.
Feels like home to me, feels like home to me,
Feels like I'm on my way back where I belong.
Feels Like Home To Me - Bonnie Raitt

06 December, 2009

On a roll...

All I have done this week is make more block sets. I have sold a couple more including the Jolly Barnyard set from the previous post! I was pretty excited about that. These 2 sets are now on Madeit.com. They are Colors are Nice & Richard Scarry's ABC. They are really cute. I love the first set. The pictures are just so appealing to me.

Not much else going on really, as it's all just busy, busy, busy at home cleaning & packing stuff. Less than a month now till we can move! 29 sleeps! lol It is going to become very weird before to long, as it gets closer & closer. I hope I don't get there & decide I want to come back here to MY house! lol At least if that does happen I will still be able to at some point. lol

I know I'm right
For the first time in my life
That's why I tell you
You'd better be home soon
That's why I tell you
You'd better be home soon
Better Be Home Soon - Crowded House

02 December, 2009

More sets of blocks

I have just listed these 2 sets of blocks on Madeit. They are pretty cute. First one is from the book Jolly Barnyard & the second one is Scuffy the Tugboat. I'm sure everyone remembers the Golden book Scuffy the Tugboat!

So I'd like to know where you got the notion,
said I'd like to know where you got the notion.
To rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby.
Rock the boat don't tip the boat over.
Rock the boat don't rock the boat baby.
Rock the boat...
Rock The Boat - Hues Corporation

01 December, 2009

So Happy, but a little sad! But mostly Happy!!!

Ok, so really I am doing a little happy dance!
I sold this set of blocks on Made it! Who would have thought huh? These ones are my favourites so far. I just love these pictures. But today they wing their way across the creek to the Big Smoke. Check out Made it as they have really do have fabulous things on there including 2 other sets of my blocks. I will shop there myself soon I hope.
Oh & there are 6 pictures on each set but I don't have the sixth one!

Here is a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy......
Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

30 November, 2009

Interesting book?

I just love the name of this book & think it would be an interesting read. Maybe.

I love the idea of many of us getting around like Audrey Hepburn. I can't really imagine myself swanning about like she does in Breakfast at Tiffanys, but it is a lovely idea & image. A girl can dream. Mind you, that's not to say I am currently a Hilton type now! Please don't think that! lol

And I said "What about Breakfast at Tiffany's?"
She said "I think I remember the film.
And as I recall, I think we both kinda liked it"
And I said "Well, that's the one thing we've got"
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something

28 November, 2009

My Place and Yours - Nice, Different & Unusual

The theme this week for Pip's meme was a tricky one! It was chosen by Toni here... Boy was this a tricky one. This is what she said...

Being the foxymoron that I am, I decided on the theme - That's nyoice, that's different, that's unewesyewl!*
Does your home have a quirky feature or several? Something you throw a strategically placed coat over if people are visiting or avoid telling the real estate agent about? You might be very proud of your house flaw. Maybe you have issues with plumbing, and give the Meryl Streep toilet speech from Mamma Mia, "Now about the toilet. If it doesn't flush right away, just go, then take a walk and...." with a hand wave.

Well I was really stumped on this. As far as I was concerned my house, place, space is pretty normal & ordinary! So I asked the other half. Within moments he had the answer! Our loo! Ok, so you all get a look at our very, very, very long loo room! lol It is ridiculous really & quite a waste of space but oh well. That's the way it was designed & built! I do keep the ironing board & clothes airer behind the door in there now as there isn't room anywhere else in the house. At least we don't have to do the dance around the loo just to shut the door like in some houses I have been in. They really didn't want to waste in inch in some places. So there you have it. My unusual long loo!

Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou
Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou
Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou
Skip to my Lou, my darlin'!

26 November, 2009

Did You Know???

or have you ever seen???
Bert & Ernie have legs! Have you ever seen them before? Here's the proof!

Your day will be a whole lot better now. Hahaha...

(pictures are from a new set of blocks I have made)

Rubber Duckie, you're the one
You make bathtime lots of fun
Rubber Duckie, I'm awfully fond of you
Rubber Duckie - Ernie

25 November, 2009

Generic Brand Challenge

I am really going to have to budget our groceries well now what with buying a new house & all. Ekkk... so I decided I need to start trying more generic brand food items. I am a Woolies shopper more than a Coles one so I will be doing a Homebrand challenge. I wonder if it really makes a great deal of difference. I found the Homebrand biscuits are pretty good. Their wafer biscuits in Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate are only 66 cents a packet! That isn't too bad I think. The Arnotts Triple wafer packs are heaps more. So that was my latest find. I will try to add more Homebrand items to my trolley each time I shop. I do always try to buy one new thing each time so that will now turn into trying Homebrand products.


I was just browsing the Woolworths website. It's actually got a lot on it. Including Karaoke Carols which you can record with your family & send it on an e-card. How cute! Round your family up & give it a go!

If any of you have tried & true recommendations on Homebrand products let me know please!

There's a wonderful world where all you desire
And everything you've longed for is at your fingertips
Where the bittersweet taste of life is at your lips
Where aisles and aisles of dreams await you
And the cool promise of ecstasy fills the air
At the end of each working day she's waiting there

I'm in love with the queen of the supermarket
As the evening sky turns blue
A dream awaits in aisle number two

With my shopping cart I move through the heart
Of a sea of fools so blissfully unaware
That they're in the presence of something wonderful and rare
The way she moves behind the counter
Beneath her white apron her secrets remain hers
As she bags the groceries, her eyes so bored And sure she is unobserved
The Queen of the Supermarket - Bruce Springsteen

who would have thought there was a song about supermarkets!!!

24 November, 2009

Unusual Christmas Tree

It's Christmas tree decorating season for in stores. I can't believe how early they appear but anyway, I thought I may as well decorate too. I am working in mum's mower shop still so thought I would get in the mower spirit! It's a little unusual I guess to see a tree decorated with mower blades, brushcutter line, spark plugs & other unusual things but they are all related to the work that goes on in this shop so it is effective I guess. Well mum was impressed with the tree anyway. That's good as she is the one that will have to take it down in the new year. It was heaps quicker to put up than decorating with regular decorations though. I am sure it will be as quick to take down as everything just goes back on the shelf. It is also sitting high in the garden trailer. It adds effect but is mostly to keep BJ from taking everything off it.

Close up shows packets of nuts & bolts, mower blades, strings of nuts & spark plugs. The bows were made with stuff I got at the discount store. It is hessian type stuff for wrapping around trees. For $2 it made about 7 big bows & blends in well with the garden type theme of the tree!

It's so much fun and simple.
It's as easy as can be.
Let's join hands and dance around the
Christmas tree with me.
Dancing Around the Christmas Tree - The Learning Station

23 November, 2009

Eye Spy - JOY

I thought I would jump on another meme theme this week. I found this one after checking out the Collections from the previous post. Check out bugandpop to see a list of others sharing their JOY!

Here is my JOY in pictures. BJ is my joy! There's no question. He's my special little fella. Along with my special furry one, Juneau they make a great team. What more can one ask for but to see the two play together & get up to mischief together.

There is joy in little things like the discovery of icecream. As BJ explores more he discovers so much & it is amazing to see things through a child's eye. Simple things are often the most enjoyable.

& who wouldn't be struck by a smile like this one. Pure joy & happiness.

Can you tell I love my little fella?

Oh joy in my soul
Oh joy, joy down in my soul
Sweet beautiful soul saving joy
Oh joy, joy, joy in my soul
Joy, joy, joy in my soul oh
Joy - Whitney Houston

21 November, 2009

My Place and Yours - Collections

Where to begin with a subject like Collections??? It seems everyone has a collection of some sorts even if they thought they weren't the type to collect anything! Humans are very odd types aren't they?

Well this weeks theme in My Place & Yours was chosen by Kate at Foxs Lane. It's a pretty place so go & check it out. Plus there really isn't anything like having all your Ducks in a row!

I did have to think about this topic. I collect a lot of things. But what do I really collect? Craft stuff is probably the thing I buy mostly. All sorts of stuff to do all sorts of things. So in that aspect a lot of you probably have collections that look like mine - piles of fabric, rows & rows of pretty coloured thread, specialty threads, paper, rubber stamps, balls of yarn, craft magazines, patterns of all kinds. The list goes on & on with crafts! No wonder I need a bigger house!

I decided on a couple of things to post about but mainly because some of my collections are now packed away, like my dog ornaments which actually started as a collection for Stu when I was overseas. Then there is my coca-cola collection that is all packed in the roof for lack of space elsewhere for all of it. I kind of still collect it & was given a load by an uncle as he wanted rid of it & when he saw I collected it he gave it to me. I don't buy all the new stuff that comes out now as I really like to stick with the old stuff. I don't buy any on ebay, as I find it makes it "easy". So if I see it now & it is old, yes I would still pick it up.

I could also add the sticker collection that I accumulated as a kid & teen. There were many hours of street walking around shops collecting some of those. I don't collect still but I just can't quite bring myself to give those up yet. Also the stamp albums that have many man hours of sorting, soaking & saving. They are all great collections that I don't spend time on these days.

One of the things I am quite proud of is my collection of bird pictures. I mentioned these in my My Place & yours - Through the Front Door post last week. I see these as I come in my door. They are pride of place on my lounge room wall. I love them to bits & am very proud of them as a collection of pictures. Alot of people barely give them a glance thinking they are just prints, but they are actually cross stitch pictures that I have done. They are Marjolein Bastin designs. I have since found another one to add to the collection but haven't done it yet. Maybe in the new year once we are moved & settled.

Now this pile of stuff I have spent a long time accumualting. It's stationery. Piles & piles of pretty paper, cute paper, foreign paper. I am sure this is a surprise to some people that know me well, to see the piles that are usually tucked away nicely in my stationery cabinet. This is not even all of it as there was a bit more that I didn't lug out for the picture. Ever since I was little I have loved writing paper. My Oma gave me some in a nice set. I used the plastic holder for a long time to hold other papers. I used to write letters to a secret friend. I would even mail them in our mail box so I could get the mail out! There is nothing like the thrill of a personal letter all for you. From those days of about 7 years old, the thrill of paper & letters is still there. Althought I don't have the amount of penfriends now as I have done in the past I still hand write letters to some & still receive them back. It can't be beaten. Writing on nice special paper is all the more fun! Most of the piles of paper I have aren't even opened yet. The hoards of Diddl paper (Diddle is a mouse from Denmark) I have I do use some of. I would love to open them all but do try to use up quite a chunk of the pad before moving on to another. Those are my rules for myself to try to make the pile smaller. It doesn't really shrink but I like the idea that it may one day look smaller! Hahaha...

So there you go. That's me for this post. Of course there are other things I could add to the list but I won't. If you would love to see some of the other collections that people have, & there are some great ones, just click on over to Meet Me At Mike's. Pip will be happy to meet you there & show you around. I will warn you to grab a cuppa first & then click on a few of the links there. They are good fun & interesting reads.

Collecting diamonds from the fabric of the ocean.
Collecting diamonds from domestic mines.
Collecting Diamonds - Q and Not U

20 November, 2009

Some of my Grannies!

I have got a few granny squares made over the last week & a bit. Not too bad an effort in between everything else! I have got another 2 but they were AWOL for the picture. Found them after & couldn't be bothered taking another picture. Slack I know. I have no idea how many I will make. I will continue until the blue runs out I guess. Might have to find another ball of the white though as I don't know how much of that I will need at all, to do the outside & join them together. I suppose it doesn't look too bad anyway. Or won't look to bad I hope. It will do for a kid to snuggle up in one day. I won't say when as I need to finish it first & I don't know when that will be.

A square. A square. Can you find a square?
A square. A square. Can you find a square?
Can you find a square? Ready...GO!
The Shape Song #1

15 November, 2009


I took a bunch of pics of BJ on the swing yesterday. They were just terrific if I do say so myself. He was in just the right mood & was looking so cute. I think this is my favourite one of about 20. There weren't many that were bad so I was impressed.

Because you're gorgeous
I'd do anything for you
Because you're gorgeous
I know you'll get me through
You're Gorgeous - Baby Bird

My Place and Yours - Through the Front Door

This weeks meme from Meet Me At Mike's in My Place and Yours is Through the Front Door. (I will even call it the right thing this week as last week I called it Your Place & Mine. Backward but the same! lol) Mine isn't all that exciting as it goes directly into the lounge room. Weird I know but we are used to it & you manage with what you have. This is actually our soon to be ex-front door as we have a new one! We don't know when though, but at this rate it will be January! Patience, patience...
The boring front door.
"Welcome! Come on in!"

We have a greeting party for you! Well actually I was trying to keep him in while taking a picture, so that explains the crookedness - sorry. On my way in when BJ isn't greeting me I am usually greeted by my bird cross-stitch pictures on the wall. They are my favourites & have pride of place. (6 pics you see with glare spots on the wall)

Come around to my place,
Come around & play
Come around to my place & visit today
Can you come out & play
Come Around To My Place - Hi 5

13 November, 2009

Peppermint Stars

I found these in blogland the other day. Check out allsorts as it is one of the prettiest blogs I ever did see. She has a few patterns on there for some cute Christmas things. Anyway I was sucked in & had to make these stars. I sewed up 4 yesterday afternoon but didn't have the stuffing at work with me. I took it today & stuffed those 4 & then added the Oma buttons. Later on while sitting with my Friends I made another 3. (see the post I am refering to by clicking on Friends!) I will probably make more! But isn't it funny that your own work never looks as nice as other peoples. Jenny's at allsorts look so much prettier! I need more I think. That's the problem! Also I think I need to find some other ribbon. Oh & I don't actually have the Christmas tree up yet. This one is only out because I bought it the other day at a garage sale & I don't really know what to do with it yet. The other 2 trees are in the roof.

Stars in your eyes little one
Where do you go to dream
To a place we all know
The land of make believe
The Land Of Make Believe - Bucks Fizz

12 November, 2009

I did it! I did it!

Yesterday I learnt how to crochet!

I bought this yarn a while back when the shop was having a stocktake sale. I was helping!!! Giving her less to count of course! You may also remember this book that I got a while back. Well, this has granny square instructions in it. So finally I sat down to it. Like I need more crafts to do, I know. Anyway, between this book & one youtube video tutorial I finally got it right. I finally found a tute that showed me the proper way to do the treble crochet. I almost had it myself but wasn't sure as it didn't seem right. Turned out I was missing a loop. So many of the tutes wewe flying over that bit & showing the basic of the square, but finally I found one in slow motion as she put it & I got to see the actual stitch in action! So I am pretty pleased with myself. The blue yarn is a varigated blues. Looks quite pretty on the ball but I am not sure about the square. Too much? Does it look too messy? I added the white as it needed something & I did buy the white at the time to put on it too anyway. If you can imagine it with lots of little blue bits & the white, it isn't so bad is it? I guess the next thing will be learning how to put the squares together. Maybe I had better do another square & try that next!

Last night after work we were out on the deck as usual. (Brandon wants to swing so we are forced out there every night! lol) Stu said "are you crocheting?". I said "Yes". He said "I didn't know you could crochet!". I said, "I just learnt today!" So that's how easy it is really... so if you wanted to try, give it a go!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
And I know I know I know I know I know I want you
I'm so excited - The Pointer Sisters

10 November, 2009

It's a dog's life

Finally some stitching! This is Mill Hill ornament Reindog. It's from their latest ornament series I think. I finally got it done anyway & he is now winging his way overseas to my ornament exchange partner...

Oh I wanna be a dog
I wanna lie around
Being human these days is getting a little crazy
I just want to be a hound.
I wanna be a dog - Barry Polisar