23 November, 2009

Eye Spy - JOY

I thought I would jump on another meme theme this week. I found this one after checking out the Collections from the previous post. Check out bugandpop to see a list of others sharing their JOY!

Here is my JOY in pictures. BJ is my joy! There's no question. He's my special little fella. Along with my special furry one, Juneau they make a great team. What more can one ask for but to see the two play together & get up to mischief together.

There is joy in little things like the discovery of icecream. As BJ explores more he discovers so much & it is amazing to see things through a child's eye. Simple things are often the most enjoyable.

& who wouldn't be struck by a smile like this one. Pure joy & happiness.

Can you tell I love my little fella?

Oh joy in my soul
Oh joy, joy down in my soul
Sweet beautiful soul saving joy
Oh joy, joy, joy in my soul
Joy, joy, joy in my soul oh
Joy - Whitney Houston


Sally said...

He is adorable ...and yes it is evident that he brings you much joy. Understandably :)

Cindy said...

Oh he is so gorgeous - I can see how he would bring you hours of joy

m.e (Cathie) said...

of course! what a handsome little fella you have there, joy indeed :)