06 November, 2009

The joy of new fabric!

I got to treat myself to some fabric yesterday. I had been looking at the pretty bundles in the window of my LNS & then I decided I could have them. Well they did have my name written all over them & they kept calling out to me when I went past! Well they only came in bundles of American fat quarters. (quite unusual for here!) It was probably a good thing they didn't have all of them available on the bolt. Then it would have been a much more expensive treat, but hey, it would have been an even bigger joy! Ok, some of you will be able to relate to the "joy" in buying new fabrics! These are the Birdie range from Me & My Sister. I had seen them on line a few times & thought how pretty they are. I have already decided what to do with 3 of them so now it is a matter of time... might be a while before I do it though, that is the only thing. I would have loved to get the machine out last night to sew!

Happy Friday!

It's in my hands, my feet
I'm talking about
What He's done for me
I get joy just thinking about
What He's done for me
Joy - Mary Mary

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