24 November, 2009

Unusual Christmas Tree

It's Christmas tree decorating season for in stores. I can't believe how early they appear but anyway, I thought I may as well decorate too. I am working in mum's mower shop still so thought I would get in the mower spirit! It's a little unusual I guess to see a tree decorated with mower blades, brushcutter line, spark plugs & other unusual things but they are all related to the work that goes on in this shop so it is effective I guess. Well mum was impressed with the tree anyway. That's good as she is the one that will have to take it down in the new year. It was heaps quicker to put up than decorating with regular decorations though. I am sure it will be as quick to take down as everything just goes back on the shelf. It is also sitting high in the garden trailer. It adds effect but is mostly to keep BJ from taking everything off it.

Close up shows packets of nuts & bolts, mower blades, strings of nuts & spark plugs. The bows were made with stuff I got at the discount store. It is hessian type stuff for wrapping around trees. For $2 it made about 7 big bows & blends in well with the garden type theme of the tree!

It's so much fun and simple.
It's as easy as can be.
Let's join hands and dance around the
Christmas tree with me.
Dancing Around the Christmas Tree - The Learning Station

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