25 November, 2009

Generic Brand Challenge

I am really going to have to budget our groceries well now what with buying a new house & all. Ekkk... so I decided I need to start trying more generic brand food items. I am a Woolies shopper more than a Coles one so I will be doing a Homebrand challenge. I wonder if it really makes a great deal of difference. I found the Homebrand biscuits are pretty good. Their wafer biscuits in Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate are only 66 cents a packet! That isn't too bad I think. The Arnotts Triple wafer packs are heaps more. So that was my latest find. I will try to add more Homebrand items to my trolley each time I shop. I do always try to buy one new thing each time so that will now turn into trying Homebrand products.


I was just browsing the Woolworths website. It's actually got a lot on it. Including Karaoke Carols which you can record with your family & send it on an e-card. How cute! Round your family up & give it a go!

If any of you have tried & true recommendations on Homebrand products let me know please!

There's a wonderful world where all you desire
And everything you've longed for is at your fingertips
Where the bittersweet taste of life is at your lips
Where aisles and aisles of dreams await you
And the cool promise of ecstasy fills the air
At the end of each working day she's waiting there

I'm in love with the queen of the supermarket
As the evening sky turns blue
A dream awaits in aisle number two

With my shopping cart I move through the heart
Of a sea of fools so blissfully unaware
That they're in the presence of something wonderful and rare
The way she moves behind the counter
Beneath her white apron her secrets remain hers
As she bags the groceries, her eyes so bored And sure she is unobserved
The Queen of the Supermarket - Bruce Springsteen

who would have thought there was a song about supermarkets!!!


Sally said...

We've always opted for homebrands because my partner is mr. scrooge... however we have recently been swapping over to some of the bigger brands due to the preservatives in food issue. Our son, almost three, appears to be very sensitive to many of the preservatives and we've found limiting them in his diet has really improved his behaviour. We still eat of lot of homebrand products though... we're just careful which ones.

Mandy said...

that's good to know Sally, thanks!

Bronny said...

What would you like to know about budget shopping? Try 15 years on $70-100 per week average to feed 2 adults/2 kids/2 dogs/1 cat.
What are brand names??? lol
The best advice I can give would be to plan your menu well and get to know your supermarkets - if you have a coles and safeway close to each other, it can be beneficial to shop at both, utilising their individual weekly specials... Oh and the 'You'll love Coles' brand cornflakes are the best on the market - voted by kids - next best is Skippy Brand.
good luck!

Lee-Ann said...

woolworths home brand cocoa is the best to cook with, its darker than cadbury. I use it all the time for my chocolate cakes.