08 November, 2009

How to make a little kid happy...

BJ is in a train phase at the moment. He particularly loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Yesterday on the way home from work I was on my own for a change, being the weekend & BJ could stay home with Dad! I had to take advantage on my way by of a new second hand shop in town. I didn't get very far inside & found these trays full of little cars & trucks & trains! $1.00 each of 15 for $10! Ok, start looking through. One Thomas, one Percy, one Gordon, & they seemed to accumulate before my eyes, all these little trains with smiley faces on them! Thomas himself was breeding in that box as there at least 10 of him! I wiped out the whole supply of each different one that was there though. There were 8, so of course it made sense to clock the tally up to 15 for that extra $2 didn't it? The old car on the right is way cool. They were all dusty as anything so I had to scrub them all up before BJ could play but the look on his face when he saw them all sitting on the bench was just one of total awe. Actually that is what it sounded like he said! lol They are all really really well loved but for that price who cares & being that they are all metal except for the yellow & green tractor, they should all last him another 10 years or some & even they don't last, we will have got our moneys worth & more than that, the enjoyment out of them. Thanks to the little boy who gave them away!

They're 2, they're 4, they're 6, they're 8,
Shunting trucks & hauling freight,
Red & green & brown & blue,
They're the really useful crew
Theme song from Thomas the Tank Engine


Anonymous said...

Did they have any Lego ?
You got a bargain there.

Yvonne said...

That is a great bargain! My DD loves Thomas the Train too :0)

midge said...

sometimes the universe just leads you in the right direction. that is a great haul