13 November, 2009

Peppermint Stars

I found these in blogland the other day. Check out allsorts as it is one of the prettiest blogs I ever did see. She has a few patterns on there for some cute Christmas things. Anyway I was sucked in & had to make these stars. I sewed up 4 yesterday afternoon but didn't have the stuffing at work with me. I took it today & stuffed those 4 & then added the Oma buttons. Later on while sitting with my Friends I made another 3. (see the post I am refering to by clicking on Friends!) I will probably make more! But isn't it funny that your own work never looks as nice as other peoples. Jenny's at allsorts look so much prettier! I need more I think. That's the problem! Also I think I need to find some other ribbon. Oh & I don't actually have the Christmas tree up yet. This one is only out because I bought it the other day at a garage sale & I don't really know what to do with it yet. The other 2 trees are in the roof.

Stars in your eyes little one
Where do you go to dream
To a place we all know
The land of make believe
The Land Of Make Believe - Bucks Fizz


karen said...

wow those stars look great hunni well done and thanks for the link, I think I'll have to go take a look, not that I need anything else to add to my to do list hehehe.

Bronny said...

My, My , My, Mandy - you are truly incredible - I applaud all the craft styles you encompass and all the amazing items you acomplish. What a quick and simple idea for christmas gifts.