09 November, 2009

My new favourite book

Aren't these pictures just beautiful?

I have been looking around the second hand shops in town for Golden Books. You would think that would be easy. Well it isn't at all. Only 2 out of 6 shops had any at all & not many at that. I needed some for my blocks. Oh well, I did find this book, "Calling All Puppies". It was $1. I wasn't going to buy it & put it back & then thought I had to have it cos the pictures are just terrific! Of course they are too large to chop up for my blocks & that would be a dreadful thing to do to it. So I will keep it. Or it might go on BJ's book shelf. Sorry the picture of the cover is on an angle but it has a plastic cover on it so it was glaring of course. But you can see how lovely the pictures are from inside. It has double pages of coloured pictures like this & then on the following double pages are black & white drawings that are like sketches & the story. It has fabric binding on the spine so that is really neat.

I did a little googling & found it dates from the early 50s so that is pretty cool. There is no date shown with the publication information in the front of the book. I wonder when they first introduced that then? Hmmm... something to google when I am really bored & have absolutely nothing better to do.

I'm just a walkin' my dog
Singin' my song, strollin' along
It's just me & my dog, catchin' some sun
We can't go wrong
The Dog Song - Nellie McKay

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