31 July, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

Finally after some ordinary winter weather lately, we have had a day like spring!  Kicked the boys out of the house for at least an hour, which of course turned into two.  Nice to see them out again.

30 July, 2016

Start Of G

Round "G" of the Town & Country quilt consists of domestic gardens...  All sorts of greenery.  It's an interesting round to work on as there are many ways to really personalise it.  This is one square short of a side.

29 July, 2016

Complete Round

Finally I have finished off that last row which completed a round.  Now it's square again!  Yay!  Pretty pleased so far.  Four rounds to go...  What we have here is only just over half way.  A lot of squares are on each side now, so it takes weeks to finish a row let alone a whole round!

28 July, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Super family fun in the snow.
  • New experiences for the boys.
  • Spur of the moment decisions  bthat are hard for some to cope with without warning, but goes well.  Yay for coping skills.
  • Good days at work.
  • Better sleep for the big boy finally.   
  • Lunch with knitting friends.
  • Yay, I have made it to 500 on my list of 1000... Half way there.  

27 July, 2016

Found Mojo

It's been a crazy couple of months & the quilt hasn't been on my radar.  But I have managed to get the squares fused up to date & spent a few hours today sewing & listening to an audiobook.  Got to love multi-tasking.  It's been a great way to spend a mindless head cold day with only having to do the school runs...

25 July, 2016


Some freezing cold weather has brought us to make the effort to take a drive out to the snow.  It was only about a 45 minute drive inland.  We had snow flurries fall at home on Saturday but it never settles.  It was awesome taking the drive out & just stopping at a couple of random spots on the side of the road.  We spent a good 2 hours on the side of the road just playing.  So much fun.  So magical & pretty.  We parked by an old forestry road which hasn't been driven on in an age but the trees just were gorgeous.... (pic of me up there :-)  )  The boys got the hang of rolling snowballs after watching Stuart roll a few whoppers which ended up being a snowman family.  It was a good day.  Very good.  

24 July, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

Finally we got some time to play in the snow.  It was just the funnest time ever!  Boys sure loved it.  Two hours on the side of the road was longer than I expected they would last.  

22 July, 2016

Thursday Thanks on Friday!

  • Ok start to school.
  • Great meals made out of the freezer.
  • Cleaning out freezer!
  • Some time to myself now school is back.
  • Good days at work.
  • Game times with the boys...

19 July, 2016

Gifting Knitting

Another pair of mukluks this week for a birthday present later on in the week.  It's hard to think they are both the same, but all from one ball of yarn.  How fun huh?  I do love the rolling tops on them & the way they hide a bit of colour that is often quite different from the rolls.  Keeps them interesting.

18 July, 2016


On the weekend DJ, mum & I went to see this beautiful choir singing & dancing.  It was terrific.  

This is the show.  If you get to see it any time any where in the world, do check it out.

This is the choir group we had come our way.  Choir 79.  

I think the thing that I loved most was the children going through the audience before it started.  They came through the rows of people a couple in each row & introduced themselves, asked each person their name & said thank you for coming to each person.  What a beautiful thing to do.  At the end they were out & about the foyer where we all had to pass through.  Once again they were there, shaking hands & thanking us for coming.  

Gorgeous children that you just want to pop in the car & take home & love.  

17 July, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

Both having fun & clowning around on the hay bale maze at the Berry Patch where we had lunch.

15 July, 2016

Something Different

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but then again, it is a good winter game to play.  I recently thought I should ask to borrow this game for the holidays.  Didn't think of it again with all the crazy stuff going on at the end of term.

Funny how things turn out & the subject of the Sjoelen comes up & here we are with dad's sjoelbak so we can have games with the boys.  Turns out we will probably get one of our down the track.

The boys are enjoying it so far.  It is certainly bringing out the competitiveness in us.  Stuart keeps winning though.  Why is that?  hmph...  I will have to practice next week when everyone is at work & school again.  lol

This is a Dutch game as far as I know.  Very popular in Europe still I believe.  Coming from a dutch family I guess it is no surprise that we have it available to us.

Want to know the best thing?  The whole family can play together, it doesn't plug in, it doesn't need to be recharged & if the weather keeps knocking the power out we will still be able to play!   Sums up life this week.  bwahahahaha

14 July, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Enjoyable holidays.  
  • Lazy pyjama days.
  • Family visitors.
  • Dinner out with family.
  • Family babysitters.
  • Cool birthday presents that have been fun for the whole family!
  • Cosy places to be during very rough winter days & nights.  

13 July, 2016

Spare Slippers

Some more nice slippers.  Except I stuffed up & used the wrong needles so they are small.  These are on BJ to demo.  lol  They are nice though.

12 July, 2016

Birthday Gift Entertainment

We've been in luck with the cool pressies both of the boys had recently got for their birthdays.  Although BJ's was a month ago, with our hospital & recovery time, it kept most of it for the holidays.  This is one particularly cool thing we started on the weekend.

A Magic Garden.

Starts with some cardboard shapes in the tray, followed by the liquid supplied.

Later that day we have crystals forming on the trees & grass.

Two days later & we have trees in full bloom, snow on the mountain & most of the grass has sprouted.  

This was one fascinating pressie that BJ got.  We all enjoyed it so much!   Won't be long & we will get another I am sure.

10 July, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - working on a model car with some help from dad, enjoying these different activities in the holidays.
DJ - a cool volcano he got for his birthday, doing it's thing!  

07 July, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Family visiting.
  • A boy enjoying simple birthday ideas.
  • A boy celebrating his birthday!
  • School holidays.
  • No rushing about.
  • Libraries that offer cool free events.  
  • Special moments captured.  

06 July, 2016

Mukluks for ME

These are mine...  These are about as rainbow as I think I can get them in a variegated yarn.  Pretty cool fun really.  Cosy too!

03 July, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - getting the hang of this bowling thing...  
DJ - enjoying the moment...  big 5.

02 July, 2016

Birthday Celebrations Begin

DJ had seen the bowling alley recently when BJ went for a party.  So we decided we would go bowling today for him for an early birthday treat.  

The bonus was that my brother & his partner arrived yesterday so they came too!  Been such a very long time since us grown up had bowled.  Reminded me of how much fun we used to have.  We all really enjoyed it, but DJ did especially.  Was funny to watch him try to shift that ball.  I bowled bumper with the boys.  The 3 other grown ups used the next lane.  

An afternoon treat of the most vibrant rainbow I think I have ever seen...