18 July, 2016


On the weekend DJ, mum & I went to see this beautiful choir singing & dancing.  It was terrific.  

This is the show.  If you get to see it any time any where in the world, do check it out.

This is the choir group we had come our way.  Choir 79.  

I think the thing that I loved most was the children going through the audience before it started.  They came through the rows of people a couple in each row & introduced themselves, asked each person their name & said thank you for coming to each person.  What a beautiful thing to do.  At the end they were out & about the foyer where we all had to pass through.  Once again they were there, shaking hands & thanking us for coming.  

Gorgeous children that you just want to pop in the car & take home & love.  


Anonymous said...

They were awesome!!!

Bron said...

What a special event...have heard of them but never had the chance to see them perform xxx